Dead IS: Kari Tuomisaari, known as the lyricist for Tipi-tiin and Saku Frog, has died at the age of 87

Kari Tuomisaari died on Monday, June 21.

Lyricist Kari Tuomisaari has died on June 21, says Evening News. Tuomisaari died at the age of 87 in a nursing home due to a long-term illness.

The matter to Ilta-Sanomat has been confirmed by Tuomisaari’s daughter Julia Pitkänen.

Tuomisaari became known as the lyricist of the evergreen translucent hits. His creations include Shortly before the tears, A weather vane, Besame mucho, Long, after Love and Moody River.

In addition to the lyrics, Tuomisaari also seems to be composing.

Skilful the lyricist not only stayed in one genre, but his skills were enjoyed by both old and young in different seasons.

His handprint appears in popular children’s songs. An old Scottish folk song gave birth to a book about Finland’s most famous frog. Saku The frog. Peppi Longstocking the words were translated into Finnish with the help of Tuomisaari’s skills. Wooden horse became famous Katri Helenan singing.

He conjured the atmosphere of winter In the land of Santa Claus and It feels like Christmas in the section. In the joy of spring, they played in a Eurovision song Tipi-tii.

In 1962 Marion Rung went to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Luxembourg. 16-year-old Rung had only studied singing for a year, until he suddenly had success in his homeland with a song written and composed by Tuomisaari. Finland ranked seventh with Sweden.

In an interview with Helsingin Sanomat in 2004, Tuomisaari revealed that composing a hit was by no means a special process.

“I have to say it was as routine a job as it could be.”

Uransa about 750 pieces of the pen from Tuomisaari were born during the 19th century. Despite this, Tuomisaari considered lyric work to be his secondary profession.

Tuomisaari, who has an economic background, founded his own communications company, which took time.

“Lyrics work has always been my side profession. My day job was in the field of communications, ”Tuomisaari commented on in 2004 To Turku Sanomat.

“Admittedly, the scout songs and theme songs have sidelined my communicative thinking, i.e. the target group with a clear mind. I have called this communication, communicative music. ”

Tomisaari was born in Helsinki in 1934.

He spent his school days in Varkaus, where he became acquainted Jaakko Saloon. The lyricist of the evergreen blows also had the gift of a song. He won several percussion competitions and in his twenties he was crowned the king of percussion.

The career of lyricist began in the 1950s. The first big event in the field of music was the 1956 Music Fazer lyrics competition, from which Tuomisaari brought home the victory.

Numerous translation songs were born in the next decade. The record company Scandia also worked Saukki, Junnu Vainio, Raul Reiman, Pertsa Reponen and Jaakko Salo, familiar from school.

There was demand for the lyrics until congestion.

“I did a lot of lyrics in the evening and often in a time of panic when there was no routine,” Tuomisaari said in an interview with HS in 2004.

“On the other hand, miraculously well, some succeeded. Later, the work began to require more and more maturation.”

Over the years, Tuomisaari’s songs have been recorded by numerous Finnish stars, such as Katri Helena, Danny, Kirka, Olavi Virta, Pirkko Mannola, Brita Koivunen, Reijo Taipale and Jussi Raittinen. In 1997 Eino Grön won the Autumn Tune competition with the words of Tuomisaari Less rush, more time with.



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