Dead Composer Herman Rechberger is dead

The Austrian-born composer who moved to Finland in 1970 produced an extensive production. “It has become increasingly clear to me that music is much more than an art form,” he said in 2007.

Composer Herman Rechberger died on Tuesday, January 11, 2022, by his wife Soile Rechberger told social media. Herman Rechberger was 74 years old, born in Linz, Austria, on February 14, 1947.

Rechberger studied graphic design and guitar playing in his hometown of Linz. Guitar studies continued in Zurich and Brussels.

He moved to Finland in 1970 and began studying guitar, flute and composing at the Sibelius Academy. He graduated from the Academy in 1976 and the following year was founding the Open Ears Association, with the help of which young composers of the time sought to make their works public. At that time, Rechberger also worked as a music editor for YLE and was the artistic director of YLE’s experimental studio from 1979 to 1984.

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As a composer Rechberger took influences extensively, and for example In his 60-year-old interview in 2007, he said he was impressed with African voodoo rituals.

“It has become increasingly clear to me that music is much more than an art form. It is a deep outlook on life. I feel that composing with a pen in hand is no longer as important as ever. It is often much more meaningful to make music freely by playing yourself, ”he said at the time.

Rechberger’s music echoed from different eras and regions. He composed extensive productions, including operas, instrumental compositions, and radiophonic works. Among other things, he composed … Nunc et Semper… as the first part of the work by three composers Time and sleep opera trilogy, which was performed at the Savonlinna Opera Festival in the early 2000s. The second and third parts were composed Olli Kortekangas and Kalevi Aho.

Rechberger’s catalog also includes three symphonies, all of which were completed in the early 2000s.

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