Dead Choreography star Liam Scarlett, accused of harassment, has died at the age of 35

Scarlett’s performance was canceled in Denmark on Friday due to allegations of harassment.

Internationally esteemed choreographer Liam Scarlett died at the age of 35 on Friday. The cause of death is unknown. The death was reported in the British newspaper Guardian on saturday. New York Times according to Scarlett was found dead at his home in Ipswich.

Scarlett’s family announced “the untimely death of our beloved Liam” and asked for their privacy to be respected in times of mourning.

Several cultural institutions such as the Royal Opera House in London and the New Zealand School of Dance wrote their condolences on Twitter.

On Friday The Royal Danish Theater announced that it would cancel the ballet performance Frankenstein, as the disturbing behavior of the visiting choreographer had become apparent. The performances were scheduled for spring 2022.

“Unacceptable behavior” was said to have occurred in the exercises in 2018 and 2019.

“We don’t want to present the work of that choreographer right now, and Frankenstein has thus been canceled, ”the director of the Copenhagen institution Kasper Holten said in the bulletin.

Scarlett giant his work as Chief Choreographer of the Royal Ballet of London in 2020.

The reason was suspicions of harassing students. In the seven-month studies, the facility found no “reason for further action”. Scarlett still stopped washing in March 2020.

Many dance institutions cut off their cooperation with Scarlett after allegations of harassment came to light.

Scarlett was one of the most successful choreographers in the world. She worked at the New York City Ballet, the American Ballet Theater, and the Miami City Ballet, among others, and won the Ursula Moreton and Kenneth MacMillan Awards, among others.

Born in 1986 in Ipswich, UK, the dancer studied Linda Shiptonin School of Dancing and Royal Ballet School. She joined the Royal Ballet as a dancer in 2006 and retired from dancing in 2012.

In 2014, he became the youngest choreographer to perform a full-length ballet for the Royal Ballet Frankensteinwith.

New York Times appointed him as the “miracle boy of British ballet”.

In Helsingin Sanomat Scarlett was called a “superstar of choreography” in 2015 after her choreography Promenade Sentimentale was performed at the Lappeenranta Ballet Gala.

“So pathetic, but so beautiful and delicate,” Helsingin Sanomat evaluated the performance.

Liam Scarlett’s choreography No Man’s Land was performed in London in September 2015. Pictured in the foreground are dancers Crystal Costa and Max Westwell.­

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