Dead Award-winning film director Michael Apted has died at the age of 79

Apted visited Finland in 1983 to direct the espionage film Gorky Park, where Helsinki screened Moscow.

British film director Michael Apted has died at the age of 79 years. He told me about it To the Hollywood Reporter his agent Roy Ashton on Friday.

Michael David Apted died on Thursday, Jan. 7 at his home in Los Angeles. He was born on February 10, 1941 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Apted began his career as a film director in 1972 with a film The Triple Echo, but the breakthrough came in the 1980 release With the daughter of a miner. The film tells the story of a country singer Loretta from Lynn, and garnered seven Oscar nominations as well as one win: the Best Actress award Sissy Spacek.

During his career, Apted directed several women-focused films: Sigourney Weaverin starred, garnering five Oscar nominations Gorillas in misty mountains (1988) and Nellin (1994), in which Jodie Foster acted a wild woman suffering from aphasia, raised by her hermit mother in a forest cottage. Foster received an Oscar nomination for his role.

In addition, Apted directed the World War II whirlwind Enigman (2001), in which the main part was presented Kate Winslet, drama thriller To the last drop (2002), starring Jennifer Lopez, and most recently Unlockedthriller (2017) starring Noomi Rapace.

“I like women-centered movies because female characters bring so much emotion to the story, whatever the story may be,” Apted said. In an interview with Parade 2017.

Apted also directed the James Bond movie When the world is no longer enough (1999) and a fantasy film The Stories of Narnia: The Caspian’s Journey to the End of the World (2010).

In Finland In 1983, Apted went to direct a film about espionage Gorky Park, where Helsinki portrayed Moscow, as the film crew was not allowed into the Soviet Union. The film, which was mainly shot in Kaisaniemenpuisto, is based on Martin Cruz Smithin novel.

In addition to films, Apted worked closely in the television world, collecting several British Academy Awards for his work, among other things. In the UK, Apted is particularly remembered for its recommendation and award Upseries, which followed fourteen British people for fifty-six years, from May 1964 to June 2019.

Another audience favorite was the soap set Coronation Street, to which Apted directed several episodes.

Michael Apted was married to his third wife Paige Simpson since 2014. Apted had its previous spouses, Jo Aptedin and Dana Stevensin with four children, including a sound cutter Paul Apted died of cancer in 2014.


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