Dead Actress Marion Ramsey, known for her role as the chime-sounding and skimpy chief constable in police college films, has died

Outside the big screen, Marion Ramsey was especially known as a Broadway musical star.

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Actor Marion Ramsey has died at the age of 73, say, among other things BBC and a movie site Variety. He was best known for his role Police Collegein films in which he starred Chief Constable Laverne Hooks.

According to the manager, Ramsey died at his home in Los Angeles on Thursday morning U.S. time. He was born on May 10, 1947 in Pennsylvania.

The actress had fallen ill some time ago, but the cause of death is not yet known.

Police College friends worshiped Ramsey in his role as a shrill voice, easily losing his temper but also, when necessary, as a very skimpy Chief Constable Hooks. Ramsey starred in a total of six Police College films.

A total of seven parts of the popular comedy series were made between 1984 and 1994.

Outside the big screen, however, Ramsey was known as a Broadway star who appeared in several notable musical roles. The first important role was Hello, Dolly! in the musical in 1964.

According to the manager, Ramsey himself was particularly proud of Broadway Dreamgirlsproduction, which was later made into a film in 2006. Ramsey played one of the main roles in the original Broadway production. In 1978, Ramsey played one major role in the musical Eubie!who told the jazz pianist Eubie Blaken about life.

Musical Ramsey also made music together as a singer and songwriter Haras Fyren with.

Ramsey’s career in television and movies kicked off when he visited the popular situation comedy in 1976 The Jeffersons. After that, he was seen regularly Bill Cosbyn in a series of sketches Cos. As a visitor, Ramsey was later seen in series, among other things Beverly Hills 90210, Wonder MacGyver, Nanny and Modern Family.

He still worked hard in film roles in the 2010s. His last work was a role in a musical drama comedy When I Sing in 2018.

“With great sadness, I share with you the loss of my friend. He was one When I Sing of the stars of the film (her last role), the beautiful, kind, unbridledly funny Marion Ramsey. I miss you, my sister, ”was written on the film’s Twitter account when the news of Ramsey’s death came out.

A British producer also wrote on Twitter about Ramsey’s death Jonathan Sothcott:

“In the 1980s, Police College films had a big impact on the comedy genre: they were everywhere and everyone watched them. Marion Ramsey was wildly funny as Hooks – a great comedian. ”

Police College 3 Movie Actors. Marion Ramsey second from left.­

Marion Ramsey and Bruce Mahler in the sixth Police College film The Great Crime Wave from 1989.­


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