Daylight saving time The night between Saturday and Sunday moves to daylight saving time – Professor explains why moving clocks causes seizures

The hands of the clocks are moved an hour forward on Sunday morning at three o’clock.

Saturday and the night between Sunday is again the time to move to daylight saving time. An hour disappears from the day, but more light comes into the evening.

For many, switching to summer time causes a variety of health problems, such as cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the waiver of time shifting is currently being addressed in the EU.

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How is it possible that one hour causes this when tourism, and with it the time difference stress, is so common? Does moving the watches cause health problems in the same way?

“The phenomenon is basically the same: disturbing the internal clock by changing the external schedule,” says a research professor at the Department of Health and Welfare. Timo Partonen.

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There is one advantage, however, in tourism.

“Many trips are leisure trips. There is no waiting for a strict work schedule, which you have to dive into right away. ”

What can I do next Monday if after moving the clocks the ordinary routine starts again? Could you try to solve the problem by sleeping for an hour longer either in the evening or in the morning?

“It at least relieves the fatigue that comes with clockwork.”

Still, sleeping for longer does not eliminate the health risks, as the body has to work hard to get into a new rhythm. Eating, sports, going to bed, and other daily routines often take place at the same time each day.

“In this case, the internal clock adjusts the body’s metabolism, blood pressure, hormone production, alertness – practically everything that happens in the body.”

When this rhythm is changed in just one hour, there is an asynchronous function in the body. At worst, it can lead to various levels of disorders and diseases, even deaths, says Partonen.

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