Data protection GDPR mixed corporate frogs four years ago, many companies still comply with the data protection regulation at most satisfactorily

According to a survey of Finnish entrepreneurs, more than 40 per cent of companies have resorted to external assistance in applying the GDPR Regulation.

The greater part small and medium-sized enterprises estimate that they comply with the general data protection regulation of the European Union, ie the GDPR regulation, according to a survey commissioned by Finnish entrepreneurs (SY). The abbreviation comes from the English words general data protection regulation.

The GDPR Regulation was to apply four years ago on 25 May 2018. After the application of the Regulation, everyone has the right to decide, among other things, what information they want to keep in their privacy. Companies may be asked to provide their own information and it may be deleted if necessary.

Companies and organizations must provide the information they collect to those who request it.

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SY’s study looked at how SMEs have put the regulation to work.

According to the survey, 86% of companies processing personal data rate their compliance with the Data Protection Regulation as excellent or good.

More than one in ten companies, 13 per cent, rate compliance as satisfactory, inadequate or poor.

The study also shows that young entrepreneurs are more uncertain about the application of the regulation.

SMEs have sought external expertise in the application of the GDPR Regulation. According to the survey, as many as 40 percent of companies have turned to outside help.

The study was conducted by the marketing research company Kantar. A total of just over a thousand SME representatives responded in February.

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