Czech Republic The Czech billionaire’s prime minister lost anyway – the result turned slightly to the center-right alliance

Based on the preliminary results, there was already time to believe in Babiš’s victory. The end result was very tight.

In the Czech Republic prime minister Andrej Babiš still appeared on Saturday early in the evening to be strong for the next season in the country’s parliamentary elections. However, the situation was shattered by voice when the otherwise meager difference to the alliance that came second first narrowed, and eventually Babiš’s ANO movement remained second.

The right-wing Civic Democratic Party, the center-right TOP 09 and the Alliance of Christian Democrats received about 27.8 per cent of the vote, while Babiš’s UN collected about 27.2 per cent. The third group, the Pirate Party and STAN, had a result of just over 15%, so that opposition alliances will get a majority in Parliament.

“It seems that both democratic alliances will get a majority in parliament. Most likely, this means that Babish must go, ”says the director of the Department of Political Science at Masaryk University. Otto Eibl news agency for AFP.

The Party with Freedom and Direct Democracy received the fourth largest vote, less than 10 percent.

The turnout was around 65%, which is higher than in the previous parliamentary elections in 2017. At that time, the figure was below 61%.

Pandoran named Babiš in a paper leak claimed another consecutive victory for the UN movement. According to Pandora’s papers, the billionaire prime minister had used tax haven services to buy property in the south of France in 2009. Babiš has denied the allegations.

Eibl does not believe that Pandora’s papers significantly affected the election result.

“There have been so many cases of corruption so far that many voters have become immune to them.”

Babish is not in the middle of a scandal by any means for the first time. He has been heavily criticized for, among other things, corruption and interference in the independence of the country’s judiciary. The European Commission has also investigated Babiš’s actions.

After the fall 2017 election victory, the UN movement had to seek a government partner for six months due to Babiš’s suspected fraud.

Babish has also recently been criticized for poorly handling the corona crisis. The Czech Republic has suffered badly from the corona pandemic. The country was at the forefront of global mortality and infection statistics for several weeks in early 2021.

In the midst of a poor corona situation, Babiš’s political opponents began to gain more support. However, the Prime Minister was allowed to hold his leadership in polls.

At the moment Babiš leads a minority government supported by the Communist Party. Now the Communist Party received its passports from Parliament for the first time since World War II, as it failed to get the required 5% of the vote.

The new prime minister will be appointed by a pro-Russia president Milos Zeman, who is an old ally of Babish. According to the President’s Office, Babiš will meet with the President on Sunday morning.

Zeman had already assessed in advance that he would choose Babiš to form a government.

An alliance that won the election Petr Fiala has emphasized, however, that his mandate to form a new government is strong and must be taken into account by the President.


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