Czech Republic Czech-Russian chills cool down in one fell swoop: Czech Republic abandons plans to buy Sputnik vaccines and drops Rosatom out of competition

According to Czech police, the first explosive in October 2014 could be fired ahead of time. According to Bellingcat, the head of the infamous unit of Russian military intelligence was with his subordinates at the time of the explosion.

Relations For years, Czech politicians have been divided into two camps in Russia, but the weekend revelations about Russia’s contribution to the 2014 stockpile explosions seem to have changed the Czech political climate to a more anti-Russian one.

The country’s government announced on Tuesday that it will drop Russia’s state nuclear giant Rosatom out of a tender to seek a contractor to build new units at the southern Dukovany nuclear power plant. This was reported by the news agency AFP.

American newspaper Politico reported a week ago that the Czech security service has repeatedly warned the government against accepting Rosatom’s contract offer because it would give Russia a “blackmail opportunity”. So far, warnings have resonated in deaf ears.

The project the cost estimate is nearly eight billion euros. The Dukovany four-reactor power plant, totaling 2020 megawatts, was commissioned between 1985 and 1987. According to a decision two years ago, the new reactors will be completed between 2035 and 2037, allowing the old equipment to be shut down.

Rosatom’s stay on the beach means France’s EDF, South Korea’s KNHP and Canadian-American Westinghouse are vying for the contract for three.

On Monday, Rosatom resented the Czech decision as a “politically motivated” ploy that “does not encourage mutually beneficial cooperation”.

Czech at the same time, the government announced that it was abandoning its plans to acquire the Russian Sputnik V coroner vaccine.

The Czech Republic had previously intended to introduce the Sputnik vaccine after its own tests, regardless of the approval of the European Medicines Agency.

The line has been tight: two anti-Sputnik ministers have been fired as prime minister in the past Andrei Babishin government because of its views on vaccines.

The rapid change in the political climate has elevated the Czech President Milos Zemanin subject to criticism and ridicule. According to the grimace of the Russian president Vladimir Putin friend Zeman has reacted to the situation in three ways: silence, treason, and a combination of these.

Zeman has vowed to state his position on the events in a televised interview next Sunday.

Czech government announced on Saturday that it would deport 18 Russian diplomats after receiving information about the Russian military intelligence GRU’s contribution to the Vrbĕtice stockpile in October and December 2014; explosions. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Government Jan Hamacek added on Tuesday that he would be ready to send even all the Russian diplomats from Prague home.

“I’m ready for anything. Even if it means we have to rebuild our relationship completely again, ”Hamacek said in his Facebook update.

The first explosion in 2014 killed two warehouse workers and the devastation forced the entire 1930s arms depot area to be abandoned.

Russia responded on Sunday by characterizing the allegations as “absurd” and expelling 20 Czech diplomats.

According to information leaked to the media, GRU agents With Anatoly Chep and Alexander Mishkin visited the Vrbĕtice storage area with forged identities in October 2014. The same duo is suspected of being a Russian double agent Sergei Skripalin and his daughter Julijan on poisoning in Britain in 2018.

According to the data, the duo left the Vrb aluetice area just before the big explosion on October 16, 2014. The second explosion followed a month and a half later, on the third day of December.

Tuesday in the afternoon, a group of journalists first unveiled by GRU agents Chepigan and Mishkin Bellingcat supplemented the weekend revelations.

According to Bellingcat, commander of the GRU “dirty operations” unit, unit 29155, General Andrei Averjanov was at the time of the explosion in the nearby town of Ostrava with his subordinates. They arrived there 300 kilometers from Vienna, Austria.

Čepiga and Miškin came to Ostrava from Prague. In addition, Bellingcat named two men with diplomatic passports who arrived in Ostrava from Budapest. The teams have probably moved to and from Ostrava by road, possibly in rented cars.

Bellingcatin General Averyanov reports directly to the head of the GRU military intelligence, but he also has a conversation with the Russian Foreign Minister. Sergei Lavrovin to the office. According to Bellingcat, the telephone traffic between Averianov and Lavrov’s representatives was particularly brisk just before and after the Skripali assassination attempt.

GRU Dirty Measures Unit 29155 is attached several turbulent cases in Europe in recent years. One of them has been, for example, the coup project in Montenegro.

A possible GRU operation in Vrbĕtic, Czech Republic, about a hundred kilometers from Ostrava, may not have gone as planned.

Newspaper Respect a police source who assessed the events anonymously believes the first explosion was an injury. According to the source, the intention was to time the explosives so that the guns would be destroyed only at their destination, ie in the hands of the customer. The company Imex, which rented the premises, was unloading the warehouse for transport at the time of the explosion.

Stored the explosives belonged to a Bulgarian businessman Emilian Gebrevin to the arms company Emco. Czech Republic According to sources, they were on their way through Bulgaria, Ukraine’s armed forces, which at the time was fought in eastern Ukraine against Russian and Russian-supported forces are already half a year.

Emco issued a bulletin in Bulgarian on Monday night. According to the company, “the information that the ammunition destroyed during the terrorist attack in the Czech Republic in 2014 was on its way to Emco for further export to Ukraine is not true. Besides, Emco has never exported Czech-made ammunition to Ukraine. ”

The wording leaves open whether Emco would have exported to Ukraine weapons produced elsewhere and whether any third party would have exported the munitions destroyed in 2014 to Ukraine. In its press release, Emco emphasizes that Ukraine is an independent state with the right to buy weapons from whom it wants.

In the spring of 2015, Gebrev was forced to mysteriously on two occasions poisoning as a victim but survived. The Bulgarian authorities have made efforts to investigate the assassination attempt, but if the investigation has progressed, its results have not been made public.

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