Cycling Tadej Pogačar once again showed his extraordinary strength as a tour of France moved into the mountains in heavy rain

The eighth round of the traditional race, which had a major impact on the overall race, was run around France on Saturday.

3.7. 18:34

First the real mountain ordeal in this year’s tour of France immediately separated the grains from the chaff.

The situation of the overall race was reshaped with realism, as there were several drivers in the top positions before Saturday, whose abilities in the sharpest climbs are not enough to fight for the victory of the Tour.

After Saturday, the yellow shirt of the overall competition leader shifted to his already anticipated owner when last year’s number one Tadej Pogačar knocked out his toughest challengers outright in show style and was fourth on stage.

Pogačar’s lead over the second Wout van Eertin is now almost two minutes. Realistically, the drivers fighting for the victory of the overall race are already more than four minutes away from the 22-year-old Slovenian.

Of the day The 150-kilometer contract ended with the ascent of Col de la Colombière and the subsequent descent. The challenge for the drivers was not alleviated by the fact that the stage was driven in very rainy weather.

The Belgian from the Bahrain Victorious team drove to the stage victory Dylan Teuns. He made his decision several tens of miles before the goal, and made a significant difference to the others.

Due to the weather, Pogačar decided not to aim for a stage win due to the weather. Teuns was still losing his victory dramatically another six miles before the finish line when he cleared a tight right-turning bend in the wet weather just fine.

The stage win was for the second time in a row for the Teuns team, because on Friday’s marathon stage the winner was his teammate. Matej Mohorič. The joys of the stable are also increased by the fact that Wout Poels rose to the top of the hill race on Saturday.



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