Cycling Incisional cardboard hands, urination and roadside cops – Audiences have caused chaos in France before

Greetings sent to his grandparents and at the same time overthrown almost the whole of France local police that almost the rest of the world’s attention.

Although the severity of the accident and the level of negligence were ferocious, the case is not exceptional.

The long and handsome history of the tour is full of unfortunate conflicts where spectators have accidentally or even intentionally intervened in the game.

“What a horn. What are these people really thinking, ”a 21st century superstar Lance Amstrong wondered In his Wedu podcast on saturday.

“No amount of knowledge is enough to teach these people. We talk about this every year when something like this happens, ”Armstrong said.

Multi accidents have been caused by cameras. Giuseppe Guerini was treading the winner of Alpe d’Huez’s famous ascent in 1999 when a man who took a photograph in the middle of the road came his way.

Guerini and the over-zealous amateur photographer, blurred by the lens perspective, both dodged the same side, and resulting in a collision. However, the distance to the finish line was only a hundred meters, and the Italian managed to tread to a stage victory despite the episode.

In 2018, fought for the overall competition victory Vincenzo Nibali was not nearly as lucky on the same rise. At a very narrow section of the road, the rod of Nibal’s bike clung to the straps of the viewer’s camera, and one of the biggest stars of cycling in recent years crashed to the surface of the asphalt.

Nibali still persevered in the stage finish, but his race was over due to a vertebral fracture. Nibali and his team planned to sue the organizers, but the parties presumably reached an agreement without legal proceedings.

According to La Gazzetta Dello Sport just moments before the accident, the only gendarmerie in that location had found the situation to be critical. He had immediately demanded additional forces, but received only one person for assistance.

“Cycling has become a circus.”

The police the task is to control the order along the route. However, at the opening stage in 1994, it was the French gendarmerie that caused serious collision and mass crash.

The finish line was normally lined with fences, but the gendarmes that kept order stood on the side of the road and not the audience. Most of them were glued as close as possible to the fence.

However, one gendarme stood calmly in place as the cyclists fighting for the stage victory approached him directly at a speed of about 70 kilometers per hour. The reason became clear from the television image: the law enforcement officer himself was taking a picture of the approaching cyclists with the camera, and he did not detect a dangerous situation through the lens.

Belgian Wilfried Nelissen rolled over the gendarmerie, and as a chain reaction, a bunch of top bikers crashed. Nelissen injured his knee so badly that his career ended completely four years later at just 28 years old.

French Laurent Jalabert sat on the ground after the accident with his face covered in blood. Jalabert’s career also had a revolutionary impact, but in a positive sense: he changed himself from a tight-lipped to a versatile hill rider and even achieved an overall victory in the Spanish round trip on his new path.

From a small the sign has been to follow a serious accident in the past. In the opening phase of 2006, the competition partner handed out cardboard hands to the public, one of which the careless spectator managed to hit directly on the Norwegian. Thor Hushovdiin.

Hushovd got a bad cut wound on his upper arm from the sign and bleeding profusely. He was taken to the hospital, but in the end, Hushovd was fortunate to continue the race until the finish of the final stage.

Sky team’s Chris Froome got into the treadmills on the 2016 Tour as the crowd blocked the road, causing top riders to crash and Froome’s bike to break.

“About cycling has become a circus. Alcohol consumption is too high and people do anything to be seen on TV, ”Vincenzo Nibali said. La Gazzetta Dello Sportille after his accident in August 2018.

“People are in the middle of the road, often still with tickets. We pedal blindly praying that the road is open before us, ”he said.

Two years earlier, the road was not open when Richie Porte, Chris Froome and Bauke Mollema suffered another legendary ascent on Mont Ventoux.

The imaging motorcycle that drove above was stopped by the crowd, and the tip trio collided directly with it and each other.

The crash was also followed by one of the most memorable events of the Tours in recent years. Froome, who destroyed his bike in a crash, was out of reach of his stable service car, and he continued the world’s most famous bike race by running. Ten days later, the British were crowned the overall contest winner for the third time in his career.

Over the years, Froome has also received punches and spitting from the audience. To the extreme, the situation went in the year 2015, when the spectator accusing Froomea of ​​being a “douppaja” threw a cup of urine at him.

“That is not acceptable at any level. We’re professionals and we work very hard for that, and then someone comes and despises us that way, ”Froome updated, according to the Irish newspaper The Independent.

The audience behavior has become steadily worse in recent decades, but it is not just a modern phenomenon.

The fist has also become one of the most popular cyclists of all time Eddy Merckx already in 1975. The conflict took place in the 14th stage of the race, when in the final ascent a French spectator overthrew the Belgian Merckx.

Merckx sued the 55-year-old man in court, and television image indisputably showed that it had taken place. However, as compensation, the cycling star claimed only a formal sum of one French franc.



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