Cybercrime White House: Biden urges Putin to intervene in cyber attacks, topic also discussed with Merkel next week

The United States has no new information that the Russian administration has directed the attacks. Angela Merkel was reportedly visiting the White House next Thursday.

The United States president Joe Biden has spoken by telephone with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with on Friday, the White House said.

In the call, Biden urged Putin to intervene in groups operating blackmail in Russia. Last weekend’s cyber attack is said to have been the central theme of a presidential call that lasted about an hour.

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The topic is also expected to be discussed at a meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkelin with. Merkel will visit the White House next week.

The call and the upcoming meeting were told In the White House press release and at the press conference. News agencies AFP and Reuters, among others, report on the subject.

In the United States according to the White House, there is no new information that the Russian regime has directed the attacks. According to the United States, Russia still has a responsibility to act against the attacks.

Biden also said the United States will take “all necessary steps” to defend its citizens and critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.

Cyber ​​attacks on the United States and other countries, according to AFP, have increased significantly over the past year. One major attack targeted a major U.S. fuel line.

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