Cybercrime Report: Microsoft is a favorite of cybercriminals, accounting for nearly half of phishing scams

More than 40 percent of fishing companies were made on behalf of Microsoft.

Software company Phishing attempts on behalf of Microsoft clearly increased towards the end of the year, says security company Check Point. According to the company, the phenomenon may be due to cybercriminals seeking to take advantage of the increase in telework caused by the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to data collected by Check Point, between October and December, as many as 43 percent of all brand phishing attacks in the world were conducted on behalf of Microsoft.

A brand phishing attack is when criminals try to mimic websites of a well-known brand using the same domain name or url and the same type of site layout. Victims of a fake site can be lured by email or text message, using a mobile app, or in a web browser. A fake site often contains a form that allows criminals to collect victims ’personal and payment information.

Report according to, criminals are also seeking to take advantage of the proliferation of online shopping due to the Christmas season and pandemic. At the end of the year, the transport company DHL was the second most common company under the auspices of which criminals seek to phish people’s personal information. 18% of fishing companies were made on behalf of DHL. The e-commerce Amazon name was utilized in 5 percent and the payment service Paypal name in 2 percent of scam companies.

Other brands favored by criminals included the community service Linkedin, the retail chain Ikea, and technology company Google.

“We urge users to exercise caution when disclosing personal and identifying information to enterprise applications. You should also think twice before opening attachments or links to incoming emails on behalf of Microsoft or Google, for example, ”says Check Point’s Director of Threat Mapping. Maya Horowitz in the bulletin.


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