Customs Deficiencies were revealed in the quality of extra virgin olive oils imported to Finland

Despite the lower quality, the oils are safe to use.

19.11. 13:34

Customs According to him, there are shortcomings in virgin olive oils imported to Finland. Customs examined nine extra virgin olive oils, five of which did not receive clean papers from researchers.

The oils did not comply with EU regulations. Of the non-compliant products, one was from Tunisia, three from Spain and one from Italy. In quality they corresponded to ordinary virgin olive oil. There were also shortcomings in the labeling, for example.

“Similar problems in the declared quality class have been identified in the control of extra virgin olive oils carried out elsewhere in the EU,” said the Chief Inspector of the Sampling and Inspection Division of the Customs Laboratory. Jenni Vuokko In the customs bulletin.

Customs points out that extra virgin olive oil is of the highest quality. In terms of its organoleptic properties, it must be flawless and fruity. Virgin olive oil, on the other hand, may have some sensory defects, albeit very minor ones. Although the oils have been rejected due to the quality class, it is safe to use them, Customs states.


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