Curling | The sex toy commercials were too much: the Japanese TV company won’t show the Olympic qualifier for curling, except maybe for the Finland match

The Olympic qualifying for paricurling is underway in the Netherlands.

Frozen the sex toy company’s commercials were too much for Japan’s national television company NHK, which decided not to show the country’s matches in the paricurling Olympic qualifiers.

The tournament is running in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, and Dutch EasyToys is one of the tournament’s sponsors.

Japan has played four matches in the tournament, of which it has won only one. NHK has not shown any matches. The United States has also missed matches in the country for the same reason, he says Sports Illustrated.

NHK was told by the news agency AFP that the decision was made to allow time to decide whether displaying the EasyToy logo violates the TV company’s principles.

“The guidelines require caution when displaying material that may have an impact on minors. There was also a risk that it (showing the logo) would be against good taste, ”a NHK spokesman commented.

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NHK had not yet made a decision on whether it will show Japan’s last first-round match against Finland on Wednesday.

Finland pair Battery and Oona Kauste have won two matches in the tournament and lost two.

Finland is in third place in the B-block together with Latvia. The top three in the block advance to the playoffs with the top three in block A. The top two in the tournament are promised a place at the Beijing Olympics.

Finland will face Estonia on Tuesday, winning one of three matches.

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