Culture Ministry of Education and Culture: Cuts in art and culture of more than EUR 18 million due to declining gambling revenues – industry appeals to Parliament

In addition to art, the belt is being tightened by more than a tenth in science, which is being cut by more than 8 million euros.

Teaching– and the Ministry of Culture has outlined how the state funding of the beneficiaries of gambling activities will be cut next year. The total amount is EUR 43 million.

Funds allocated to arts and culture will decrease by EUR 18.4 million compared to the current year, ie by 11%, due to a decrease in income from gambling operations.

The majority of arts and culture players who have received gambling funds have a cut of about 15 per cent this year. According to it, grants for various arts, media education and the development of regional cultural activities in municipalities will be reduced.

The cuts will not be targeted at, among other things, statutory state contributions or grants, statutory grants for visual artists, or grants for cultural events.

In relative terms, the largest cuts (approximately 50%) are in funding for the State Art Commission, acquisition of cultural facilities, grants for foundation costs and renovations, grants for the repair of observatories, counseling and mentoring, and the Arts and Culture Russia program.

In the field of arts and culture, according to the ministry, there are fewer cuts than average in the budget for the development of public libraries, which will decrease by 6 per cent. Funding for film production, scriptwriting and distribution will be cut by 8% and funding for cultural magazines by 9%.

In the field of culture surgery news was received with dismay. Parliament was also appealed to stop the cutter.

“The cultural offer in the country is declining. Parliament can still decide otherwise, ”the author and former Green MP commented on Twitter Rosa Meriläinen, who is the general secretary of the Gold and Arts Advocate Gold Association.

The cultural sector, which has been badly hit by the corona pandemic, is not considered a suitable target for cuts.

“The employment effects of more than 18 million cuts will be significant. The sector affected by the corona needs support, not new cuts. Parliament, you still have a chance to save the situation, ”writes the executive director of the art and culture trade union Taku ry on Twitter Nea Leo.

Of the intersections in the field in the library sector, the complete cessation of support for the purchase of low-circulation literature and subscriptions to cultural magazines is criticized.

“This is a total of about one million euros in the state budget,” says the executive director of the Finnish Library Association Peace Maarno.

For exercise and gambling assets allocated to sports and compensation for loss of income will decrease by EUR 11.9 million in 2022.

According to the Ministry, efforts have been made to implement the savings in such a way that they are as minimal as possible for the activities themselves, such as sports clubs. The biggest cut in the 2022 sports budget will be on the construction of sports facilities.

Appropriations for supporting civic activities in sport will also be reduced by 2.8 million, or about 6%. However, grants and club grants from national organizations will not have to be reduced, as club grants will be able to use funding carried over from the previous year.

Gambling funds allocated to the promotion of science and research and compensation for the decrease in income will decrease by EUR 8.3 million (10.9%) compared to the current year.

About 40% of the scientific savings will be allocated to private archives and third sector research institutes, and especially to those sites for which the financial contribution to betting profits was already small.

Income and compensation from gambling activities allocated to youth work will decrease by EUR 4.3 million in 2022. The budget for youth work as a whole will decrease by about EUR 4.5 million, or 5.5 per cent.


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