Cryptocurrencies Ex-US President Trump sees bitcoin as a scam: “There should be no bitcoins in the world” – cryptocurrency drops sharply

According to Trump, the dollar should be the currency of the whole world.

The United States Former President Donald Trump says Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, “looks like a scam” says Fox Business. Trump believes bitcoin also threatens the U.S. dollar.

“The currency of this world should be the dollar. I don’t think we should have bitcoins from all over the world. I think they should be regulated very, very much, ”Trump said Monday.

Trump has previously expressed doubts about cryptocurrencies. In July 2019, he tweeted that he is not a “fan of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies” because they are very volatile. According to Trump, unregulated cryptocurrencies can also facilitate illegal activity.

Bitcoin the value has fallen drastically from its highest peak. It peaked in mid-April, when the value of the cryptocurrency rose to more than $ 63,500, or more than 53,000 euros. Since then, about half of the value has melted.

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After Trump’s Monday interview, the value of the currency fell 1.3 percent per hour. After a sharp decline, the price trend leveled off, and by 2 p.m. on Tuesday, the value of bitcoin was about $ 32,800.



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