Crown Quarantine-free travel bubble opens between Australia and New Zealand for first time since pandemic

There were emotional encounters at the airports when people met each other for a long time.

Sadat Australians will seize the opportunity on Monday as travel restrictions lifted between Australia and New Zealand for the first time in a year. The “travel bubble” between Australia and New Zealand means that travelers between the countries no longer need to be quarantined.

“The bubble is a significant step in New Zealand’s reunification with the world, and we should be very, very proud of this moment,” the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters in the country’s capital, Wellington, according to news agency Reuters.

The majority of Australian states have allowed New Zealand residents to travel without quarantine since the end of last year, but New Zealand has so far quarantined Australians arriving in the country.

According to Ardern, the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison intends to celebrate the start of freedom of travel by visiting New Zealand in the near future. Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne will travel to New Zealand as early as Wednesday.

At Wellington Airport, the capital of New Zealand, relatives were expected to visit Sydney, Australia on Monday.­

In TV pictures Wellington Airport showed emotional encounters as families met after a long separation. Passengers arriving in Wellington were welcomed with “Welcome Whanau” signs. ‘Whanau’ is a Maori language and means relatives. At Auckland Airport in Australia, the choir sang as a celebration as long-separated people hugged and kissed each other.

“I’m not nervous this, I did not expect, I have not planned anything, because I’m just thinking that this will never happen,” New Zealand traveled to Australia Michelle Rafferty said at Sydney airport, according to Reuters.

With the travel bubble, the number of flights between countries multiplies.

Passengers progressed to check-in on their way to New Zealand at Sydney Airport on Monday.­

Rajan despite the opening, Australian and New Zealand leaders warned that passengers should be prepared for disruptions and possible new restrictions depending on the infection situation. According to the authorities, quarantine travel is constantly being evaluated.

According to Ardern and Morrison, it is possible that the travel bubble will be extended to other countries in the Pacific as long as infections are reduced.

Before the pandemic, about 1.5 million Australians visited New Zealand each year, accounting for 40 per cent of all passengers arriving in the country. More than half a million New Zealanders live in Australia.

Both countries virtually closed their borders to foreigners just over a year ago, keeping the number of corona infections relatively low compared to many other countries.

On Monday the opened bilateral travel bubble does not apply to other international tourism to Australia and New Zealand. Those arriving from other countries will be subject to a two-week self-financed hotel quarantine.

About 30,000 coronavirus infections and 910 corona-related deaths have been reported in Australia since the pandemic began. There have been only about 2,200 infections and 26 deaths in New Zealand.

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