Crown One input to the bowling alley lennokkivideo through the enthusiasm and confusion in Hollywood: “This is one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen,” says Toy Story director

The video from the Minnesota production team instantly became an online sensation. Film director James Gunn invited the authors in the same way I did his service.

Last the Minnesota plane video released on Monday has spread like a bush on social media and sparked admiration, embarrassment and enchantment even among successful Hollywood characters.

In 87-second video, the plane-driven camera flies inside the Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater in Minneapolis and takes an eye-catching tour over the bowling alleys, behind the bowling alley, at the bar and in the theater within the complex.

One video says more than a thousand words and can be viewed below.

“This is one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen. The chin fell to the floor ”, commented video Lee Unkrich, which has directed the animated films Coco and Toy Story 3.

Supervisor James Gunn also tweeted her admiration and invited the video makers to do the same I did in London to make her hit film Guardians of the Galaxy third part later this year.

Airplane video behind it is a Minnesota aerial photographer Jay Christensen. Video director Anthony Jaska has had to confirm that this is indeed a one-shot video and not a computer-aided trick compilation, says the Australian ABC channel on its website.

The New York Times by the video is part of a project to showcase businesses suffering from the corona epidemic in Minnesota. The assistant chef interviewed by the magazine had told how Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater had had to close its doors for a long time over the past year.

Admiration the aroused video is not a mere masterpiece of aerial photography. The short video has embedded comments from people in the bowling alley that have been snapped Coenof the cult comedy of the brothers The Big Lebowski, The New York Times reported.

Photographer Christensen told the Minnesotaan To the KARE channelthat the video had to be shot a dozen times because not all of the components had hit it before: for example, the bowler might be missing from the picture or the plane was at a slightly wrong angle.

After the practice shots, the result was Lord of the Rings star of the trilogy Elijah Wood described it freely in Finnish with two words: “HOLY GUNS.”

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