Cristiano Ronaldo set a date for his retirement from football right at the World Cup in Qatar


Cristiano Ronaldo


EFE / Antonio Pedro Santos

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese would make the radical decision if he achieves the expected results in the World Cup.

The Manchester United star is not very happy with his team after revealing the little empathy, according to him, that coach Ten Hag had learning that she had lost one of her twins. This and more have made Cristiano Ronaldo think about his future: moving away from football would be closer than his fans think.

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‘I have no respect for him’

“Ten Hag hasn’t respected me as I deserve. He believes that there are other players who deserve to play before me, but I only see excuses. There are things that don’t make sense,” the Portuguese commented in a chat with journalist Piers Morgan.

While he was in the hospital accompanying his wife Georgina Rodríguez, his teammates did preseason. Since he cannot attend, he hoped that the technical director would sympathize with such a difficult personal moment. It was not so.

“He told me that by not doing the preseason I had to wait for my opportunity. I told him that I agreed, but I have seen that the procedure with other players was not the same,” he said in an extensive interview.

But it has not been the only trigger. The forward emphasized that the relationship with Ten Hag had deteriorated for some time, despite the fact that in front of the cameras and the field it seemed that there was a good attitude: “I have no respect for him because he does not respect me.”

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