Crisis in Ukraine Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: There will be no war in Ukraine if it depends on Russia

Lavrov also expressed disappointment with the responses he received from the military alliance NATO and the United States about so-called security guarantees.

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov says there will be no war in Ukraine if it depends on Russia.

However, Russia will not allow its own interests to be ignored, but the West is currently ignoring them, Lavrov said in an interview with radio station Sputnik on Friday morning, according to news agencies.

Lavrovin believes the West is taking advantage of Ukraine to fuel tensions between the United States and Russia.

Russia has repeatedly denied planning an attack on Ukraine. President of the United States Joe Biden in turn, estimates that the attack could take place next month.

Lavrov also said he expects to meet with the U.S. Secretary of State in the coming weeks Antony Blinken.

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Lavrov reiterated its disappointment at the responses it received from NATO and the United States to so-called security guarantees. Russia has repeatedly demanded that NATO no longer expand eastwards.

The United States and NATO filed their responses on Wednesday. According to Lavrov, responses are now being evaluated by ministries and the president Vladimir Putin decide how to respond to the West.

Putin may give its assessment of the West ‘s proposals later Friday in a telephone conversation with the French president Emmanuel Macronin with a Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday.

According to the Kremlin, Putin will later discuss with the Chinese president Xi Jinpingin Russia’s security and Russia’s dialogue with the West.

Putin will travel to China next month, where he is scheduled to meet with Xi and attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

From the United States According to Sergei Lavrov, the answers received on security guarantees are better than those given by NATO. Lavrov told the news agency According to Interfaxthat there were rational elements in the U.S. proposals on secondary issues.

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According to the Kremlin, the United States and NATO have asked for the documents to be kept confidential, but in light of the details that have come to light, it “may not really be worth it”.

US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan said on Friday that the U.S. response to Russia contained counter-proposals for military exercises and missiles in European territory. He also said sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would come into force if Russia invaded Ukraine.

On Friday Leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said Belarus did not want a war either. However, he believes war will be possible if Belarus or its close ally Russia is attacked.

The countries will take part in joint military exercises in February behind Ukraine’s northern border with Belarus. According to Lukashenko, the exercises will help Belarus get an idea of ​​where the country should focus its forces.

On Friday Putin gave his answer to the West: he thinks the West has ignored Russia’s security concerns. Putin commented on the matter in a telephone conversation with the French president Emmanuel Macronille.

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Russia had demanded written responses from the West to its so-called security concerns, which included preventing NATO enlargement. The United States and NATO responded to Russia this week, announcing that NATO would not abandon its open door policy.

Putin said the West ignored Russia’s ultimate concerns in its response.

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