Crisis in Peru: Pedro Castillo, arrested after dissolving Congress



Crisis in Peru: President Pedro Castillo announces the dissolution of Congress | TimeCrisis in Peru: President Pedro Castillo announces the dissolution of Congress | Time

The president established a national emergency government on Wednesday.

Hours after having decreed to temporarily dissolve Congress and establish a national emergency government, the now vacated president Pedro Castillo left the Government Palace and went to the prefectural headquarters, on España avenue, in Lima, where he was arrested.

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Almost in parallel, the National Prosecutor’s Office announced measures against him.

(The latest: Crisis in Peru: Congress approves the removal of President Pedro Castillo)

Previously, images of channel N They showed the empty president and members of his family, including his wife Lilia Paredes, leaving the Government Palace.

(In context: Peru: President Castillo dissolves Congress and declares a state of emergency)

Castillo, Paredes, their children and their sister-in-law Yeniffer Paredes were caught removing their belongings in bags. In this action, Castillo was accompanied by PCM adviser and former head of the Cabinet of Ministers Aníbal Torres.

The Peruvian Congress dismissed leftist President Pedro Castillo on Wednesday for “moral incapacity”, ignoring the president’s decision to dissolve Parliament.

(Keep reading: Peruvian Armed Forces will not abide by ‘acts contrary to constitutional order’)

Castillo’s removal was approved by 101 votes out of a total of 130 congressmen. The voting took place at the Congress headquarters and was broadcast live on television.


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