Criminal suspicions | “My phone rings all the time” – Residents of Lope worried about the environmental impact of Summer Clubs, the police are investigating the emptying of toilets on the ground

The first examined samples show no signs of water pollution, says the municipality.

Police suspects that some chemical toilets have been emptied into the ground in Lopen Räyskälä near Petojoki on the 1st–3rd. July. At that time, a massive Summer Clubs event for the residents of the Old Town Stadium was organized in the area.

The police say that they started investigating the matter after a report from local residents. The case is now being investigated as a suspected environmental violation.

“It was probably about emptying the chemical toilets of mobile homes or caravans. The police visited the place on July 4 and made observations at a few places where chemical toilets are suspected to have been emptied,” says the crime commissioner. Tom Repo.

The places in question are located in the countryside near Petojoki. If the toilets were emptied directly into the river, according to Crime Commissioner Revo, there would be no similar traces left at the possible scene.

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For summer clubs according to the organizer, around 80,000 people participated. The community area in connection with Räyskälä airport had an area of ​​approximately 185 hectares.

The event on the website it is reported that the organizer has received feedback on the effects on the environment.

“It is very unfortunate that the residents of the Räyskälä area and the cottagers have been hurt during the Summer Clubs. There has also been a lively discussion on social media, which conveys genuine concern about endangering the purity of nature,” the event’s website says.

The organizers say that they take environmental issues seriously and responsibly.

Summer clubs the environmental effects have worried many locals.

“My phone rings all the time. It’s really great that people are worried about their nearby waters”, says the environmental manager of the municipality of Lope Sonja Lahtinen.

According to Lahtinen, according to the sample tests that have just been completed, there is hardly any Escherichia coli bacteria in Petojoe. The same situation is also at the nearby swimming beach of the event area in Särkijärvi and the nearby Keski-Pomppu lake.

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The samples were taken after the Summer Clubs on Thursday of last week.

“The Escherichia coli bacterium manifests the possible fecal contamination of water bodies. Based on the samples, the water is still very clean,” says environment manager Lahtinen.

“If you ask if you can still swim there, yes you can.”

I’m in Lahti according to some people, during the Summer Clubs, they also washed in the area’s lakes and used shampoo.

“The use of shampoo affects both microorganisms and eutrophication in water bodies. However, I haven’t read any studies about how significant that effect can be,” says Lahtinen.

He says that he has also received contacts about littering and messing up in connection with Summer Clubs. However, the organizers have cleaned up the tracks well, says Lahtinen.

The municipality of Lope, with just under 8,000 inhabitants, is located in Kanta-Häme province, south of Hämeenlinna.

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