Criminal suspicions | An act of violence at Askola middle school on Tuesday: The student was taken to the hospital by ambulance

A criminal complaint has been registered about the incident.

In Uusimaa An extraordinary act of violence took place at Askola middle school on Tuesday, in which three school students were involved, the municipality of Askola says in a press release.

According to the municipality, after the act, one young person was taken to the hospital by ambulance, but he returned home the same evening.

According to the municipality, three adults from the school immediately intervened in the violent situation during recess and more staff arrived quickly. It is said that there were seven adult supervisors during the break.

“We are deeply sorry for what happened, and our thoughts are with the young victim of violence and his family. We do not accept violence in Askola municipality. Here we have an absolute zero tolerance. We carefully review each case and evaluate the measures taken in detail. The operating models we use are based on the laws and regulations that our schools follow in all their activities,” says the mayor Annu Räsänen in the bulletin.

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About what happened a criminal report has been registered and the police have started a preliminary investigation, says the crime commissioner Asko Sartanen From the preventive unit of the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department to STT.

According to the Crime Commissioner, the police are now investigating, among other things, how many people were involved or witnesses in the incident and whether those involved are criminally responsible. Criminal liability in Finland begins at the age of 15.

According to the municipality of Askola, this was the first time in the current fall semester that the school has called the police in an acute situation of violence. Previous reports to the police have not been acute situations of violence.

The Children’s Protection Act obliges schools to make a child protection report for all situations involving violence.

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