Criminal suspicions | A middle-aged man is suspected of murder in Kouvola – according to the police, it is a violent crime within the family

The police did not want to comment on the relationship between the victim and the suspect. According to the head of the investigation, it is a sensitive crime.

Police suspects that a middle-aged man committed a murder over the weekend in Kouvola, Kymenlaakso.

The Southeastern Finland police say that last Saturday one person died in a violent crime, which according to the police was “within the family”. The suspect was arrested at the scene.

A 58-year-old man was arrested in the Kymenlaakso district court on Tuesday on suspicion of murder.

Director of investigationsCrime Commissioner Anne Tuomisto did not comment to STT on the family relationship between the victim and the suspect. According to the court, the act is a sensitive crime. The court has specified to Iltalehti that the victim is of legal age.

According to the police release, the preliminary investigation is in the early stages, so the police are not giving details for investigative reasons.

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The suspect has had no previous criminal cases pending in the Kymenlaakso district court.

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