Crimes The Oulu 2017 fire bottle strike was, by law, a racist crime

The district court sentenced the man to one year in prison for illegal threat.

Oulu on Tuesday, the district court sentenced a 37-year-old man to probation for the April 2017 burning in Oulu. According to the verdict, the man committed an illegal threat and the act had a racist motive.

The man had planned the attack on the asylum seekers’ demonstration tent in advance. Three bottles were made in the club premises of the Soldiers of Odin street patrol group. The man drove a car that arrived at the tent and from which the bottles were thrown.

Two of the thrown bottles hit the back of the tent and the last to the side of the tent closer to the grill there. None of the bottles had been set on fire, and it was not established with sufficient certainty by the court that the man had tried to set them on fire either. Nor, according to the verdict, was it shown that the man knew of the grill, which could have served as an igniter.

However, gasoline splashed out of the broken bottles and hit one of the parties’ pants as well as the tent fabric.

Man admitted the act under alternative prosecution as an illegal threat but denied the racist motive. According to the court, already targeting the act in the asylum seekers’ tent spoke in favor of a racist motive, as did the man’s speeches in the pre-trial investigation.

According to the prosecutor, the man made a burning bottle with three unknown people. The prosecutor had primarily demanded a conviction from the man for causing the danger, but the court held that the man did not cause a concrete serious danger to life or health by his act.

The 37-year-old was sentenced to one year in prison for illegal threats and an explosive offense involving, among other things, possession of dynamite rods. He was ordered to pay the costs and to pay EUR 1 500 to the three parties for the damage caused by the infringement. In addition, the 25-year-old man was sentenced to a 70-day fine for an explosive offense.

Police said recently in 2017 that the suspect in the attack belonged to the Soldiers of Odin at the time. Police said the man said he acted without the group’s background support.

In a review by the Ministry of the Interior last spring, the Soldiers of Odin is described as an anti-immigration street patrol organization.

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