Crimes The dispute led to a stab with a kitchen knife – the homicide that took place last summer in Hakunila, Vantaa, will be transferred to prosecution as a murder

The residents ’dispute eventually led to violence.

The two of you the human dispute ended violently in Hakunila, Vantaa, last June. The pre-trial investigation into the homicide has been completed by the Eastern Uusimaa Police and the case is now being considered. The case has been investigated as a murder.

The suspected murder occurred at the end of two disputes living in the same apartment.

The suspected act took place in the apartment of the suspect and the victim. The tool was a kitchen knife, says the director of investigation Tero Tyynelä From the Eastern Uusimaa police.

The suspect was apprehended the night after the act and he confessed to the act. The case will be transferred to the Eastern Uusimaa Prosecutor’s Office for prosecution.


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