Crimes The CEO of a restaurant company was sentenced to probation for sexual harassment of an employee

The Helsinki District Court sentenced the CEO of the restaurant company to three months’ probation.

Helsinki a district court sentenced the CEO of a restaurant company on Wednesday to three months probation for sexual exploitation, occupational safety crime and employment discrimination.

In addition, the company was fined a thousand euros. The verdict is not final.

Doomed the CEO had hired an employee to a café in Helsinki to clean and learn how to work in the evenings. The CEO had promised that the employee would later have the opportunity to get the right job from the company.

According to the district court, the CEO had committed several sexual acts against the employee in connection with the evening work.

Among other things, the CEO had offered to massage the employee several times, at least once either stripped or asked the employee to take off his outerwear and caressed, massaged or touched the employee inappropriately.

The District Court held that there had been an employment relationship and the CEO in a supervisory position with the employee.

According to the district court, the director had grossly abused the employee’s dependency and persuaded him to submit to acts that violated sexual sovereignty.

Usually the employee must report the harassment he or she has experienced at work to the employer.

“However, notification is not required if the harasser is the employer’s representative himself or herself and if the acts are such that the person working in a supervisory position would have to understand that they were inappropriate without separate notification,” says the occupational health and safety lawyer Anu Virkki in the bulletin.



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