Crimes The attacker hit the sleeping Chechen blogger with a hammer on the head in Gävle: Sweden convicted two Russians of assassination attempt

The dissident Tumso Abdurahmanov has lived in Sweden for another year since fleeing Russia.

In Sweden court has sentenced two Russian citizens to prison for attempted murder of a Chechen dissident and blogger, says Swedish broadcaster SVT.

A Russian man was sentenced to ten years in prison for attempted murder and a Russian woman to eight years for aid. Swedish Security Police both have been ordered to be deported from Sweden.

The assassination attempt took place in February by the victim Tumso Abdurahmanovin at home in Gävle. Abdurahmanov was attacked with a hammer while he was asleep. Abdurahmanov suffered damage to his head but was able to fight against the attacker.

SVT: n according to the Russian woman assisted in the assassination attempt by connecting with Abdurahmanov, photographing his apartment and sending pictures to other people. He had also let the attacker into the apartment.

The Gävle District Court found that the murder had been ordered and the motive for the assassination attempt was Abdurahmanov’s criticism of the Chechen regime. The convicts have denied that their actions were intended to kill Abdurahmanov.

Abdurahmanov has lived in Sweden since 2019. He fled Chechnya in 2015 and applied for asylum in Poland, but Poland did not grant it. Abdurahmanov’s Youtube channel has more than 300,000 subscribers.


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