Crimes Police investigate ten cases of undeclared bicycle trade in southwestern Finland, up to 10,000 used bikes sold in four years

For the most part, the bikes have been legally acquired, but there are also stolen bikes among them.

Southwest Finland the police are currently investigating ten different cases related to the black bicycle trade. The cases are investigated as tax fraud.

In the cases under investigation, private actors buy bicycles from people and resell them at a profit, for example, through the website and the Facebook Marketplace.

The issue came up in the context of a criminal investigation into bicycle theft. The investigation of the bicycle trade has also revealed several other crimes.

“This is a large-scale resale of used bicycles that is not reported to the taxpayer. In addition to tax fraud, the seller can commit a crime of concealment if he knowingly forwards the property obtained by the crime, ”says the crime commissioner. Mika Paaer In a press release from the Police Department of Southwest Finland.

The biggest into resellable bikes have been legally acquired, but there are also stolen bikes among them.

Some of the suspected crimes have continued for up to four years, during which time 7,000 to 10,000 bikes have been sold. Some, on the other hand, have sold a few dozen bikes a year.

There is no problem selling individual bikes, but if the same person sells dozens or hundreds of bikes each year, there is reason to suspect that this is a business.

Southwest Finland police are also asking for findings from suspicious bike dealers. For example, if a seller doesn’t give out their information, such as the bike’s frame number, place of purchase, or identity, wants payment only in cash, and if the same person has multiple bikes on sale, it’s a good idea not to shop and report it to the police.

The police point out that the buyer is also responsible for his actions.

“If an expensive bike is sold really cheap, for example at half the price, the buyer may also be suspected of the crime if the bike is later found to be stolen,” says Paaer.

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