Crimes Niko Ranta-aho, suspected of new serious drug crimes, has been arrested in Spain

The Pirkanmaa District Court arrested Ranta-aho yesterday absent on suspicion of two serious drug offenses and serious tax fraud.

Outrageous accused and suspected of drug offenses Niko Ranta-aho has been taken from the Spanish Sunshine Coast.

MTV News was the first to report on the capture of Ranta-aho. Director of Investigation Jari Räty confirms to Helsingin Sanomat that a person from the Sunshine Coast has been apprehended in connection with two serious drug offenses and tax fraud.

Pirkanmaa the district court arrested Ranta-aho yesterday absent on suspicion of new crimes. These are two serious drug offenses and serious tax fraud.

New serious drug offenses are suspected to have occurred in the fall and winter of 2020 and serious tax fraud in 2016–2020.

Even before the latest suspicions of crime, Ranta-aho has been accused of being the second chief architect of the massive Katiska drug tangle. Ranta-aho has acknowledged its own role in the drug case in the Helsinki District Court, but has only told about some of the people involved in drugs and doping.

Helsinki the district court released Ranta-aho last June because there was no significant risk of confusion in the case.

Prosecutors opposed the release.

Since his release, Ranta-aho has spent time on Instagram to justify his role as director of Bandidos in Stockholm, Jeffrey Ongin with. Based on the footage circulating on social media, Ranta-aho has been moving with Ongi even before he was once imprisoned for the Katiska tangle.


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