Crimes Kela and police warn of scams in the name of Omakanta, those who ended up on the scam site lost thousands of euros

The one who tried to find his own end up on a scam site through a search engine search result and lost thousands of euros.

Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) warns that in the name of Omakanta, scam text messages and false online advertisements are distributed in various channels. Messages and advertisements lead to a site that attempts to obtain people’s personal or bank IDs.

“There are ads online where the links are allegedly leading to Omakanta. Clicking on the ad will take you to a website hosted by criminals. This is phishing, the purpose of which is to steal personal information and login information, such as bank identification information, ”Kela says in a press release.

Also Helsinki police warn of scams. It posted a warning on Twitter.

The Helsinki police are aware of at least one case in which a person was scammed for money with a search engine ad resembling Omakanta.

The person searched the search engine service Bing for the Omakanta site but ran into a phishing site. Bing returned a false online ad that the person clicked on. Thousands of euros quickly disappeared from his account, police say in a statement.

Police advises that the scam site be identified by a small Ad text at the bottom left. In addition, the address of the search result is different from the real Omakanta service.

The scam ad leads the customer to a website that tries to spy on personal information and bank IDs, ”police warn.

The police specify that you log in to Omakanta at

“The Log in to My Own button redirects to the service, which also has a lock icon in the address bar.”

The police advise those who have been scammed to report the matter immediately to the bank and then report the crime.



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