Crimes Helsinki-Vantaa Airport has been attacked several times during the summer: “It is always a crime,” the police remind

Any delays in flights may result in liability for the intruder. “In that case, the fine starts to feel like a small amount,” says the Eastern Uusimaa Police Commissioner.

Helsinki-Vantaa the airport has been intruded on several occasions during the summer.

Eastern Uusimaa Police Commissioner Harri Viholan according to, for example, last weekend, police received information about two people who passed through the airport’s fence.

“Others may say they are straightening through the field and some say they wanted to see planes,” Vihola says.

It is always a crime to cross or break the airport security fence. Unauthorized intrusions into the area are being investigated by the Eastern Uusimaa Police under the criminal names Aviation Violation and Damage.

June At the beginning, the police reported on a man who had broken into Helsinki-Vantaa by driving through a security fence in a car.

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The suspect had gone on a parked plane, and had been inside for a few minutes. According to police, the man was under the influence of drugs at the time of the crime.

Intrusion into a security area typically results in a fine.

“As a result of the operation, possible delays in flights may give rise to liability, and in that case the fine will start to feel like a small amount compared to such liability,” Vihola says in a police release.



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