Crimes Authorities again beat back in the supposedly secret messaging service: Bandidos raid in Tuusula joins global operation

Authorities were able to track underworld messaging for months using the Anom service. Customs confirms that Monday’s Bandidos raid in Tuusula was related to the same international entity.

Authorities have again taken a back victory from the underworld with a supposedly encrypted messaging service. This time it’s an Anom app that involved a party as harmful to the underworld’s goals as the FBI.

Inspector General of Customs Tero Virtanen Customs confirms to Helsingin Sanomat that Monday’s raid on Bandidos’ premises in Tuusula is related to the operation in question. He also confirms that the police were after the drugs. He does not want to comment on other possible criminal titles at this stage.

Several the media from different countries have published information on their own operations. For example, according to the Australian broadcaster ABC, the service was used to plan killings, drug trafficking and money laundering.

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From 2018, U.S. federal police had access to the entire Anom service. This has been reported by, for example, the technology publication Vice and the Australian magazine The Age.

According to media reports, for years the FBI was able to monitor the message traffic and decrypt it. The service ceased operations on Monday.

In 2018, the FBI arrested the CEO of the smuggling service Phantom Secure. Phantom Secure was a company that sold customized “security phones”.

According to media reports, the FBI had a source of information that had acted as a reseller of Phantom devices. When Phantom Secure’s services stopped working, the FBI source began offering a new service called Anom to the market.

An decryption key was inserted into the communication in the Anom service. This is evidenced by a certificate submitted to the court by the FBI, which can also be found online.

Europol tells of the investigation at a news conference on Tuesday at about 11 a.m., and HS shows the opportunity live.

It is not known yet what else the Finnish operation has included in addition to the raid on the Buusos premises in Tuusula. The Central Criminal Police intends to report on the situation in Finland after the Europol press conference.



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