Cricket | The cricketer snatched the ball through the glass of his own car, the punching became a hit

Asif Ali was a true warrior of misfortune in a cricket match.

Cricket player Asif Ali rose to somesensation with his unfortunate stroke in the British cricket series. The Russian site reported on the matter RT.

Ali snatched a handsome punch, from which he snapped plenty of points, but the end result still made him hold his head.

The ball whipped from the field straight into the glass of his own car. The lowest club, Illingworth St Mary’s, posted a video of what happened on Twitter.

As the ball bounced through the glass, the other players were shocked at first, but then tore to laugh after realizing Ali had hit his own car.

The Cricket Club also published a picture of the hard-hit Vauxhall Zafira.

Under manasi miserable luck to ITV News.

“I’ve played on this team for a long time, but I’ve never parked in that. I always leave the car further away, ”he said.

“As the ball approached my car, I thought, ‘No, no, no, what’s going on?'”

Ali had good reason to worry about his car. He works as a taxi driver and uses a car in his work. President of the Cricket Club Jeremy Rhodes however, promised to pay the cost of replacing the glass.



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