Cottage “We bought a cottage without seeing it” – The Lahti family did not hesitate to join the cottage boom and bought an electric cottage from the island via Facebook

In June 2020, more cottage loans were raised than ever before. The Lahti family bought the summer cottage on a whim, as a result of a long search by Heini Vuorinen and Roy Nygård.

Anna Lahti, 42, Miska Lahti, 42, and daughters Iina, 9, and Anni, 7, live in Lahti and live in Asikkala’s Isosaari.

Not at all no sensible person will buy a cottage without seeing. Isn’t it?

Last September Anna Lahti, 42, lay on the couch and browsed Facebook when a sales announcement made him stop. “A 20-square-foot cottage for sale. Electrical and waterless. On the island. ” Comments began to crack under the announcement.

“People shouted racing av, yv, queue, I buy,” Lahti recalls.



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