Cottage Heli was called the “Stockman’s Buzz” until he bought a summer cottage, and nothing was the same – Readers tell what all may surprise a new cottage owner

Heli has his dream cottage in Parais, just 25 minutes from home.

The cottage boom has taken over Finland. In its intoxication, many have bought a summer place where the reality may come as a surprise. The same happened to Heli from Turku, who tells her experience as a new cottage owner in this story.

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“Where do you have sangria in cans? ” is heard from the phone.

At the other end of the line is a 38-year-old from Turku Heli. He is going to his cottage and has deviated along the way in Alko in the hope of a summer drink. The connection crackles a bit, but it still distinguishes it from the seller’s voice, which asks if Heli wants white or red sangria.

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