Correspondent ‘s comment The Swedish government crisis shows how the struggle for power is causing politicians to bend their positions on the bank

The Left Party no longer trusts Prime Minister Löfven, but would not want anyone else to replace him. The government crisis reveals the power games of Swedish politics, writes Jussi Sippola, HS’s Stockholm correspondent.

17.6. 18:50


Thursday events in Swedish politics escalated rapidly.

On Thursday morning, the left party said it had lost confidence in the prime minister To Stefan Löfven. The left has threatened the minority government with distrust in the past, but it quickly became clear that this threat would result in something completely new.

This was quickly followed by other opposition parties, the Swedish Democrats, the Christian Democrats and the moderate Coalition, all of which declared their readiness to overthrow the government led by Social Democrat Löfven.

The vote of no confidence will take place in the parliament next Monday at 10 am.

Swedish political commentators began their artillery: Löfven’s government sways like a six-year-old tooth that could fall on Monday, described the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter commentator Ewa Stenberg.

Opposition parties thus got a majority formed on Thursday that could really overthrow the government.

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There may even be new elections ahead, in which a moderate coalition of the opposition party would, according to polls, be a possible next prime minister.

The figure, born on Thursday, reveals how miserable the Swedish political game has become.

In the figure, the left-wing party is co-operating with the right-wing parties to overthrow the left-wing government, which could be replaced by the Coalition Party. Ulf Kristersson led by a right-wing government.

In the figure, the right-wing Coalition Party and the Christian Democrats plan to overthrow the government in a controversy over the government’s plan to liberalize rent regulation and allow new homes to be rented at market rates.

The right-wing parties are thus overthrowing a government that is just making a proposal that one could imagine being in the minds of the parties.

In addition, the left wants to overthrow the government’s proposal on market rents, which the government says doesn’t even exist yet. Stefan Löfven also said at a news conference on Thursday that the Social Democrats and the Left Party think about market rents in essentially the same way.

That rents should be regulated.

Misery discipline explain the struggle for power. Coalition chairman Ulf Kristersson has strongly criticized the Demar government throughout his term of office and said he was ready to overthrow the government for any reason.

The Swedish Democratic President has said the same Jimmie Åkesson. However, the Swedish Democrats said they were on the left-wing line in terms of market rents.

The left, on the other hand, is playing a risk game.

Relatively recent chairman of the party Nooshi Dadgostar has consistently highlighted the position of the left, which has been known to everyone for a long time: if the government intends to intervene in rent regulation, the government will lose the trust of the left.

And the current government could not have come to power without the Left Party, which decided to let Stefan Löfven through in the prime ministerial vote at the end of historic long government negotiations in 2019.

Since then, the Social Democrats have led the minority government together with the Environmental Party. The government’s support parties are the Center Party and the Liberals, who have pushed for deregulation of rent.

The Left Party remained outside the government and the parties even outlined that the Left Party would not gain influence over government policy.

However, the Left Party made two strict conditions: the government should not concern working conditions or rent regulation.

The government has already addressed working conditions and now, from the left’s point of view, even rent regulation. It was the last minute for the left to react, and the game got tough. Now the left really seems to have influence over the government.

However, the left does not want Prime Minister Löfven to fall so that he will be replaced by Kristersson of the Coalition.

Who would replace Löfven then? Dadgostar could not answer that at his press conference.

However, it was important for the left to show that the party cannot be walked on indefinitely. With a tough game, Dadgostar makes an investment in the future influence of the party.

Time will tell what will yield from the investment.



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