Correspondent ‘s comment Prince Philip’s funeral is the end of an era – the day was condensed into a small and lonely figure of the queen in a corner of a bench

Prince Philip himself was designing an army green body car to transport the coffin to St. George’s Chapel.


Prince Philipin two impressive visual images of Saturday’s funeral will be remembered.

The first and saddest of them was the queen alone following the blessing in the corner of the bench Elizabeth. How the queen in her black suddenly looks so small and lonely.

Philip and Elizabeth’s marriage lasted for more than seventy-three years. Next week, the Queen herself turns 95 years old. One era is irreversibly coming to an end.

The rest the atmosphere was emphasized by the emptiness of St. George’s Chapel.

Due to corona restrictions, only 30 Philip’s close relatives attended the blessing. In normal times, there would have been as many as 800 funeral guests.

The desolation of the Church had symbolism that showed the Corona Age, but also the partially uncertain future of the monarchy. What happens when it’s time to leave the queen sometimes?

More cheerful the image on the retina was printed on an army green Land Rover hearse that Prince Philip had been involved in designing himself.

You can rightly say that he went on his last trip in style. The style had a touch of dry humor typical of Philip.

The prince did not initially want a big funeral or any “flutter”.

The truncated blessing of the Corona period would probably have pleased him greatly. Everything was wasted to a minimum. No speeches were heard.

Philipin the last handprint was also evident in the music and planning of the Funeral, by the way.

From the selected Biblical the message of Paul’s letter and the book of Job was emphasized:

“For we have not brought into the world, neither can we take from here… The Lord gave, the Lord took, blessed be the name of the Lord.”

The choice of verses says that Philip’s life was long and good, and to be thankful for that. But it also tells us that on the last day of life, everyone is finally equal.

In Britain life continues despite Philip’s death. It would be an exaggeration to say that the country would have come to a standstill because of the 99-year-old prince’s death last week.

Even some members of the royal family went back to “work” this week despite the time of mourning.

However, you don’t have to be a monarch to stop for a moment on Prince Philip’s funeral day. Longevity and long life work should always be respected.

In addition to this, Philip also had a personal edge. It appeals to people regardless of age and homeland. Also to Finnish convicted Republicans.

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