Correspondent ‘s comment For Joe Biden, Wednesday was the brightest bright spot of 2022

The announcement of the retirement by Supreme Court Judge Stephen Breyer was a great relief for Democrats, writes Elina Väntönen, HS correspondent in Washington.


Elina Väntönen

When President of the United States Joe Biden getting appointed for the first time as a judge to the Supreme Court is probably done in two ways in history.

First, a black woman is likely to become a Supreme Court judge for the first time. This was Biden’s key campaign promise, which he has said he will stick to. (The pre – favorite is Ketanji Brown Jackson.)

Second, the appointment is confirmed in the Senate, where Democrats have the thinnest possible majority. The 50-50 split Senate is not never before sealed the appointment of a judge of the Supreme Court.

It brings with it a little extra tension.

Liberal Stephen Breyerin, 83, retirement was hoped for and even downright rushed among Democrats.

The reason is the autumn by-elections first. If Republicans take the majority of the Senate in them, as is likely to be the case, President Biden may not get the candidate he wants through at all.

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If, on the other hand, Breyer had continued over the next presidential election, a Republican president could come to the White House to elect a Conservative judge to replace him.

Breyer’s subtle pressure to retire began in 2020 when a Liberal Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in the middle of his term. It was given by the president To Donald Trump the opportunity to appoint a Conservative to replace him Amy Coney Barrettin.

The highest the importance of justice in U.S. politics and society as a whole is difficult to overemphasize.

Its decisions have affected, for example, religious freedom, minority rights, presidential powers and arms laws. The decision to legalize abortion in 1973 is still a major dividing line in the country’s politics. The Supreme Court will return to it in June.

As president, Trump managed to appoint as many as three judges to the Supreme Court. During his tenure, the balance of power also rocked to 6–3 (previously 5–4) in favor of conservative judges. That means decisions that affect the lives of Americans can be profitably conservative for decades. Judge appointments are for life.

Breyer’s resignation does not undermine the Conservative majority in justice. From the Liberals’ point of view, however, Breyer’s announcement was a kind of victory in the fight: at least the bad situation cannot turn into a catastrophic one.

To Joe Biden Wednesday, however, was a day of joy, perhaps the brightest bright spot of gloomy 2022 to date.

The news and the public debate have been dominated by very negative things from Biden’s point of view: the new omicron variant of the coronavirus, record inflation and the deepening crisis on the Ukrainian border. His support figures are discouraging.

The opening of the Supreme Court judge is huge news in the United States, and it is clearing at least some space from Biden’s point of view on more tedious topics.

Second, if Biden delivers on his promise and promotes a black woman, he is likely to succeed in inspiring or at least satisfying black voters. That is important in the run-up to the by-elections, especially as he has already disappointed this important group of Democrat voters. with regard to electoral laws.

So Biden has the opportunity to change the narrative of a weak and failed man hovering around his entire presidency. It is necessary because Biden will be in January hammered a little from every direction.

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Republicans there is no possibility of rejecting Biden’s candidate.

The Senate must confirm the appointment of the president, but a simple majority will suffice. If the lines of the Democrats remain straight, the matter is clear.

There is that little extra tension involved.

Senator of Virginia Joe Manchin it is well remembered that he has on several occasions crossed the path of President Biden’s agenda. Also in Arizona Kyrsten Sinema has caused Biden gray hair. So in the US media started direct speculation thence, could the duo also oppose the appointment of a judge.

Yes, they could. However, Manchin and Sinema have both supported Biden’s previous appointments to lower courts – including Ketanji Brown Jackson, whom Biden previously appointed to the Court of Appeals.

It can therefore still be considered unlikely that Biden would deny the opportunity to leave his mark on the Supreme Court.

In any case, when choosing a candidate, Biden must make sure that this is also valid for Manchin and Sinema.

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