Correspondent ‘s comment English is already vaccinating middle-aged people, and I gladly took my first dose of Astra Zeneca

“We would have Astra Zeneca on offer today,” the friendly man stated. I understood that the utterance was rhetorical. I had not come here to choose a drink from a bar, writes Annamari Sipilä, HS’s London correspondent.

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To the Finn as I was 45 minutes early. I don’t like being late, but most especially I didn’t want to be late for my own coroner vaccinees.

There was no queue. The machine-like doormen checked my reference number and directed me straight into the West London hotel. Now, during a pandemic, the hotel is one of Britain’s thousands of vaccination centers.

The verification of personal data was just as nimble. Next, I was already sitting in the vaccination chair.

Friendly the man was drawing a list of questions about my health. Another recorded data on a laptop.

“We would have Astra Zeneca on offer today,” the first of the men concluded.

I understood that the utterance was rhetorical. He hadn’t come here to choose like a drink from a bar.

“Yes thank you, dearly,” I replied and offered to my left arm.

Didn’t touch any. I had received my first dose of coronary vaccination. That’s what the chunky sticker on my chest was about: I’ve had my covid vaccination.

In Britain more than 25 million adults have already received their first coronary vaccination. A second dose has been given to about 1.8 million. About 67 million people live in the country.

In England, vaccinations for younger middle-aged people began this week.

Vaccination can be booked if you have reached the age of 50. Those born in the early 1970s and late 1960s are now being mass vaccinated. The goal is to have the entire fifties age group vaccinated by the end of March.

“I’ll take mine tomorrow [perjantaina], ”The Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a news conference Thursday night.

In terms of age, the 56-year-old prime minister would have gotten the peak earlier.

Mass vaccinations choreography also works. I booked my own vaccination time and place on Wednesday morning. By Thursday afternoon I had already been vaccinated. However, vaccination does not relieve masking and other restrictions.

Forty people may not have as good luck with vaccinations.

Britain’s brisk vaccination rate threatens to slow in April as vaccination deliveries from India has been postponed. According to press reports, India wants to set aside about five million vaccines for Oxford University and Astra Zeneca for Britain for its own population.

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If not enough vaccines arrive in Britain in April, priority will be given to those who have time to get a second dose of vaccine.

Astra Zeneca However, the possible links between the vaccine and the risk of thrombosis have not been a cause for concern in the UK as in several EU countries. Many EU countries have already had time to suspend the use of this vaccine.

The British Medicines and Health Care Regulatory Authority (MHRA) said on Thursday that the evidence did not suggest blood clots were caused by Astra Zeneca’s coronary vaccine.

Also the European Medicines Agency EMA said Thursdaythat the Astra Zeneca coronary vaccine is safe and effective. However, a warning text should be added to the vaccine.

Boris Johnson announced on Thursday that he was taking Astra Zeneca.

Did we not take the vaccine myself because of the potential risks?

En. I was happy and grateful that I got vaccinated so fast at all. Vaccination is the only way back to a relatively normal life.

Pandemic has hit Britain badly. About 126,000 people have already died from the virus. It has been possible to live very freely in Finland if you compare the past corona year with the strict corona restrictions of the various countries of the United Kingdom – England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A lot of error estimates have also been made. The BBC reported earlier this week, how Prime Minister Johnson reacted to the pandemic carelessly back in early March last year.

Political, economic, health and social sanctions are still being discussed. But if the vaccinations work, the decision makers will also be forgiven a lot.

Personally, I am now waiting for my second vaccination. It will arrive in early June. The reservation has already been made.

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