Correspondent ‘s analysis A new era began in the United States – in these ways, the revolutionary decision still leaves its mark on society as a whole

Elina Väntönen, HS’s Washington correspondent, asks how far the states want to go in restricting the rights of Americans.


On Friday On June 24, the U.S. Supreme Court made its most important decision in perhaps decades.

The federal government no longer protects women’s right to abortion.

It is a historic decision, a political earthquake and the culmination of a cultural war that will have a huge impact on society as a whole.

For some Americans, the day was a dream come true that had been devastated for decades. For some, it was the worst nightmare.

On Friday, Finnish Midsummer Eve, the United States Supreme Court changed its interpretation of the Constitution. It annulled two key preliminary rulings by 5 to 4 votes (Roe v. Wade 1973 and Casey v. Planned Parenthood 1992), which had guaranteed federal protection for the right to abortion for decades.

“Roe was blatantly wrong from the start. Its grounds were exceptionally weak, and the decision has had detrimental consequences, ”the judge said Samuel Alito designed by on behalf of the majority of judges in the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organizationas part of which they decided to repeal Roen and Caseyn.

“The decision does not ban abortion across the United States. On the contrary: it delegates decision-making power to the people and their elected representatives, ”the judge said Brett Kavanaugh justified.

The immediate consequence is that applying for an abortion in the United States will become significantly more difficult.

In fact, this has already happened: several states had “trigger laws” in place in case Roe v. Wade repealed. Missouri declared immediately on Friday as the first state to ban abortion. Several others followed.

The United States is once again divided in one new way.

Roughly about 36 million women live in states where the right to abortion no longer exists or will soon exist.

“This decision implements an extreme ideology and I think is a tragic mistake.” – Joe Biden

In the process the Supreme Court decision ushered in a new era in the United States.

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Americans are not used to their rights worsening overnight. Even those who have closed their eyes to the long development in which access to abortion has been gradually gnawed on here and there wake up to this court decision.

Dobbs is Roen the end of the era and the beginning of the next.

The key question is how far the states intend to restrict the right to abortion Dobbsin with it – and what Americans really really want.

According to opinion polls, about 37 percent of Americans of legal age think that abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.

However, many have only accepted the position of the institutions that are important to them, the professor described Carol Sanger HS: n in an interview in May. Now, many of them may stop to consider for the first time what kind of abortion right they really want in their country.

The protests were seen on Friday across the United States. The picture is from New York.

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Previous president Donald Trump succeeded in its term in building the most conservative Supreme Court in decades. This culminated decades of Republican efforts to make the country’s judiciary as conservative as possible.

The consequences of Trump’s three judge appointments have really begun to show this year.

The Supreme Court has not hesitated to take up cases that clearly divide the people. Law scholars are characterized the current jury for this reason even shamelessly conservative.

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Last week, the Supreme Court, for example your linethat Americans have the right to carry a gun in public places. The decision has far-reaching consequences, as it undermines the restrictions on the stockpiling of weapons imposed by several states.

This is just the beginning. Judges are appointed for life, and all conservatives are expected to face a long term of service.

Liberals are now worried about what the Supreme Court will take next.

Judge of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas did not dispel these fears when writing in its statement issued on Friday that policies on same-sex marriage and contraception should also be reconsidered.

Key the question is how all this affects the credibility of the Supreme Court and thus society as a whole.

The Supreme Court has not really been considered a political body. Judges should not seek legal legitimacy for the things they want to promote, but act as “pure” interpreters of the Constitution.

At present, it appears to many Americans as an extension of party politics, although it should be above this.

From the point of view of the Liberals, the Supreme Court took a radical approach to an established interpretation of the law, for which there was no acute basis for reconsideration.

Americans ’attitudes toward abortion, for example, have hardly changed. In addition, the clear majority of Americans, nearly two-thirds, hoped Roe v. Waden permanent.

President of the United States Joe Biden called the decision on Friday the realization of a radical ideology.

“This decision implements an extreme ideology and I think is a tragic mistake,” Biden said said.

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“The Supreme Court did something it never did: took away the constitutional right that is so essential to so many Americans.”

If voters and politicians begin to question the authority of the Supreme Court as the supreme interpreter of the law, social stability is threatened.

Decision there is also fuel for the fall congressional race. Biden himself said the vote would take place this fall Roesta.

“The right to privacy, freedom, equality, all of these are the subject of a vote,” he said.

For Democrats, the Supreme Court decision may indeed serve as a much-needed means of attracting voters to the ballot box.

So do Republicans. Publicly Trump praised alignment, but to those close to him he is expressed concerns.

Trump believes the policy is, in fact, detrimental to his Republican Republicans – and could bring a bad setback in the congressional election.

What is the Supreme Court’s line?

■ Judges were responsible for commenting on Mississippi abortion law (Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization).

■ Mississippi wanted to ban abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy. In the lower courts, this had been interpreted as unconstitutional.

■ At the same time, the Supreme Court ruled on two key preliminary rulings on the right to abortion (Roe v. Wade 1973 and Casey v. Planned Parenthood 1992) and repealed them.

■ The Supreme Court thus changed its interpretation of the Constitution. An earlier interpretation was that abortion is legal until the fetus can live outside the womb, about the 23rd week of pregnancy.

■ The new interpretation is, there is no protection for the right to abortion in the Constitution. Abortion legislation will henceforth be the responsibility of the states.

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