Coronavirus You may have to wait more than a month for an infectious disease daily allowance

According to the Espoo Infectious Diseases Unit, congestion is due to the fact that the decision can only be written by an infectious disease doctor.

If if the doctor orders you to be away from work, quarantined or isolated to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, you may receive an infectious disease daily allowance for loss of earnings.

This requires a decision from the doctor responsible for infectious diseases in the municipality or hospital district. Because of the coronavirus, a record number of decisions have been written this year, and there has been exceptional urgency in infectious disease units.

Certificates have had to wait a long time for the Espoo unit. At worst, the queues have been a couple of months. In some cases, the certificate has first departed weeks late, after which further delays have been caused by postal difficulties.

Leading senior physician Anu Mustakari Espoo says that before the corona pandemic, a few certificates have been written a year. Suddenly, in the spring, the situation changed and has continued to be busy again after a small summer slump.

“When testimonies should suddenly be made hundreds a day instead of a few, it’s simply not time to do them all and put them in shells.”

Waiting for weeks can be a long time when it comes to livelihoods. Mustakari regrets the situation. At the same time, he notes, the year has been the busiest in the history of the Infectious Diseases Unit. Everyone is working overtime, extra hands have been faded, but still congestion has arisen.

In the spring, decisions were made with a vacancy of 2.5 infectious diseases. Now the rights of infectious disease doctors in Espoo have been applied for more. Some doctors can make decisions right away, which has eased the situation a bit.

When trackers interview a positive coroner, he has been in training, at a cafe, in a village and at a hairdresser. It suddenly becomes 50 exposed.

In the spring, the situation was easier when people were at home and those infected often did not report being in contact than with a few people. The number of people who are now exposed, and therefore the number of certificates, is much higher in the spring. Certificates have had to be drawn up several hundred a week.

“Now when our trackers interview a positive coroner, he was in training, in a cafe, in a village and at a hairdresser. It suddenly becomes 50 exposed. There is a big difference here to spring, ”says Mustakari.

According to Mustakari, the waiting period is currently about 1.5 months. At the end of last week, the oldest decision waiting to be made and mailed was from the second day of October.

In Espoo, there is a so-called old queue to be dismantled for about a thousand people. In addition, since November 8, the accumulated queue of about 1,900 people testified.

Congestion caused by the fact that the decision can only be written by an infectious disease physician.

“This is because it is a strong measure restricting a person’s freedom and that is why the law has decided what status it can be given,” says Mustakari.

“This is an administrative decision that will be documented.”

The Espoo Infectious Diseases Unit therefore sends decisions by post. The Infectious Diseases Unit has been asked why the decision could not be sent to the Omakanta online service for healthcare, for example.

So, why not, if this would suit the customer instead of mailing?

Mustakari justifies the matter as an administrative decision that has not been archived in the Stock Archive.

“But the pandemic has forced us to look at many things in a new way. As epidemiologists predict that this will unfortunately not be the last, it is our duty to think about how the systems would serve in the best possible way. ”


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