Coronavirus Why could race tourists returning from St. Petersburg not be ordered into mass quarantine? This is how avi responds

Voluntary quarantine did not go as it should have, says Kristiina Poikajärvi, Avi’s Director of Southern Finland.

By no means the regional government agency does not have the possibility to order tourists returning from St. Petersburg to mass quarantine, says the director Kristiina Poikajärvi From the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland. Decisions on quarantine are made individually.

The issue came up in the Midsummer when it became apparent that race tourists were bringing with them a lot of coronavirus infections, especially when comparing the number with the reduced daily infection rates in recent weeks.

“A decision on quarantine can be made for a person, and these decisions have been made and are being made in municipalities,” says Poikajärvi.

Infectious Diseases Act The order to participate in the compulsory health examination has also been in force in June and is still in force until the end of July, Poikajärvi reminds. It obliges all immigrants to participate in the health check, with some exceptions.

“To the best of our knowledge, those passengers who have not been tested at the border have been instructed at the border to apply for the test at their place of residence and this is how they should proceed. Until the test result arrives, they have been instructed to be in voluntary quarantine at home. ”

The matter was also raised by a university lecturer in social law who was familiar with the law on communicable diseases Pauli Rautiainen in an interview on Sunday in Helsingin Sanomat.

Avi also decided on Monday that it would investigate the operations of Kymsote, the Kymenlaakso consortium of social and health services, when it released race passengers who had crossed the border by bus cargo without corona testing.

“The order was that Kymsote should arrange a health check for all border crossers, in which, among other things, the need for testing is assessed and a test is performed if necessary. An unpredictable number of tourists have come to the border, which has put them in an almost impossible situation, ”he says.

According to him, however, the Avi of Southern Finland will investigate the situation in more detail from Kymsote and then assess the need for further measures as a normal control of operations.

In the metropolitan area and Helsinki is now focusing on tracing infections.

The number of coronavirus infections among tourists returning from St. Petersburg has increased rapidly. Director of the Department of Health and Welfare (THL) Mika Salminen estimates Sunday for Ylethat there are an estimated two hundred cases across the country.

The extent of infections from St. Petersburg is well illustrated by the fact that they cover more than half of the infections diagnosed on a daily basis. It will be determined later whether the infections are a susceptible delta variant.

“Municipalities have been active and worked well with the resources they have and we support them in that,” says Poikajärvi.

“The city of Helsinki does the most work when it now tracks infections.”

POIKAJÄRVEN according to him, the voluntary quarantine of the returnees clearly did not go as it should have.

“Some have taken care of it well, some badly, as you can see. For example, some tourists do not answer the phone when the tracers have called but continue their lives like nothing, ”he says.

Each returnee should have gone to municipal tests 72 hours after return.

“According to public information, the passenger lists on the buses were not correct but passengers have switched from one bus to another. This makes the work of infection detectors more difficult, ”he continues.

Passengers was also instructed to use the service. Through it, the 72-hour test of returnees could have been booked in advance, which would have streamlined inspections.

“Preparations were made in advance and THL informed how to proceed. If all the race tourists had acted according to plan, we would not be here. Voluntary quarantine did not materialize. ”

He recalls that the responsible behavior of returnees from Russia is crucial

“Now everyone should have the responsibility not to infect other people with the disease anymore.”

There have been corona infections, especially among bus passengers, resulting in multiple passengers being exposed.

According to THL, all buses were exposed.



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