Coronavirus What does the corona situation look like in schools and kindergartens? Live broadcast from the press conference of Minister of Education Andersson and THL at 9 am

Minister of Education Li Andersson (left) and THL’s chief physician Emmi Sarvikivi will speak at the event.

What kind the corona situation in early childhood education and schools is currently? Answers to this are expected on Wednesday, when the Ministry of Education and Culture will hold a press conference on the subject.

The current affairs review is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. HS will show the opportunity live in this story.

At the event, the Minister of Education Li Andersson (left) and Chief Physician of the Department of Health and Welfare (THL) Emmi Sarvikivi report on the progress of childhood vaccinations in addition to early childhood education and the coronary situation in schools.

Schools the corona situation was widely discussed in January when schools began. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health recommended to the government that distance learning be recommended to older students, but the government did not do so.

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The OAJ, a trade union in education, was in favor of distance learning and was of the opinion that schools and kindergartens could be have to close due to staff shortages. However, experts and the government felt that contact teaching was in the best interests of the children.

Instead, the government decided that schoolchildren are recommended to take a home test twice a week. In early February, it was reported that home tests began to be distributed to municipalities.

Although the coronavirus is still circulating a lot among people of all ages, the epidemic has recently seen a turn for the better. For example, in intensive care, the number of coronary patients has decreased.

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