Coronavirus Virologist’s assessment: Omicron transformation could cause a rapid wave of illnesses in the world, which will also calm down fairly quickly

There are many indications that coronavirus omicron transformation may cause milder symptoms than delta transformation. Laboratories around the world are trying to determine the severity of omicron.

What are the epidemics caused by omicron transformation known in countries where the situation is a week or two ahead of the infection situation in Finland?

“The basic problem is that the self-transformation is increasing rapidly. There is still some speculation as to its severity, ”says a professor of zoonotic virology Olli Vapalahti seal.

Olli Vapalahti, Professor of Zoonotic Virology, University of Helsinki.

Because the severity of omicron-induced disease is not not comprehensive information, it is difficult to decide on the sizing of restrictive measures. For example, Denmark and Netherlands have carried out extensive shutdowns of society during December. In Denmark, schools were closed last week and are considered closed over the Christmas holidays.

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The germination time of omicron appears to be three days, while the time of delta transformation averages more than four days. Thus, the recipient of the omicron variant has time to infect three generations of infections in nine days. This contributes to its rapid spread.

Vapalahti according to international estimates of the severity of a coronavirus omicron variant, ranging from a mild to a symptomatic coronary disease caused by a delta variant.

“There are preliminary laboratory results that support an increase in the omicron variant [deltaa] worse in lung cells, ”says Vapalahti.

Another fundamental problem is that omikron skillfully evades immunity, such as vaccination protection.

The Danish Serum Institut reports that almost 80 percent of necrotic infections have already been diagnosed in vaccinated individuals. In Denmark, 85% of all people over the age of 12 have received two coronary vaccines.

In Britain, too due to the rapid spread of omikron, for example, the mayor of London Sadiq Khan has declared a state of emergency because the rapid spread of the virus will take, among other things, health care workers on sick leave.

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Last week, 30 percent more covid-19 hospitalizations were reported in London than in the previous week.

In Britain, however, there are considerably more three times as many people vaccinated in Finland and the population has also contracted the coronavirus more.

“We now live like in the spring of 2020 before the pandemic.”

Olli Vapalahti sees that Finland is now heading for a sharper rise in infections. The situation is reminiscent of the epidemic in Norway, where after the Christmas party, several groups of infections quickly spread to the population.

“If you want to soften the infection curve, you have to limit the contacts. We are now living like in the spring of 2020 before the pandemic. The malls are full, partying and there are big concerts. On the whole, it’s time to fuss about whether a restaurant will close an hour earlier or later, ”Vapalahti.

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Infection wave is on the rise, but may be slowed somewhat to secure hospital resources. Restrictions usually appear in hospital numbers after about two weeks. Due to the shorter germination time of Omikron, the effect may already be seen more quickly.

According to Vapalahti, omicron and its effects can be controlled in three ways in particular: by reducing human contact, using FFP2-level face shields, and administering a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible.

There may be another, more positive side to the rapid rise in infections. A wave of infections may start also declining fairly quickly.

“It would also be good news for a pandemic if the omicron is milder and rises past the delta transformation into a power transformation.”

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