Coronavirus Underlying the Convoy protests in Canada is a cause for concern: a comparison reveals severe restrictions in the country

According to data compiled by the University of Oxford, the interest rate restrictions in force in Canada have been considerably stricter than, for example, in Finland.

Thousands Canadians ’frustration with the country’s corona restrictions and vaccine demands escalated in late January as hundreds of truck drivers drove to the country’s capital, Ottawa, to protest the corona vaccine required of drivers to cross the U.S. border.

Since then, the demonstrations have become more widespread in protest against government corona actions. The Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 protest also saw its own version in Finland last weekendwhen hundreds of people gathered in a demonstration in the center of Helsinki and 15 people were arrested for disturbing behavior.

But are the protesters’ concerns in line with reality in Canada?

At least according to data compiled by the University of Oxford, the country’s interest rate restrictions are extensive compared to Finland, for example.

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Compiled by researchers and students, using open sources index measures the severity of interest rate restrictive measures in different countries using nine different indicators. The index measures, for example, recommendations for distance school and telework, restrictions on public meetings, and internal and external travel restrictions.

The meters are converted to a numerical value between 0 and 100. The higher the index number, the stricter the restrictions.

The restrictive measures used by different countries and regions may not be uniform, so the index is mainly indicative.

Index According to him, restrictions were at about the same level in both Finland and Canada at the beginning of the pandemic. Since then, according to the data, Canada’s restrictions have remained at the same high level, unlike in Finland.

One difference compared to Finland is, for example, domestic tourism. Since last fall, all passengers over the age of 12 traveling in Canada by train or plane have requisite coronary vaccination certificate.

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Canadians are also required to arrive in the country government vaccine certificate and a negative corona test.

In general, the line regarding vaccines in Canada has been strict. For example, all federal workers have been required to take the coroner vaccine since November.

Gathering restrictions and face mask requirements vary between provinces in Canada. In general, face masks, for example, have been recommended or required in all public places.

Gathering restrictions have also been widely used, and the capacity of gyms and restaurants, for example, has been limited.

In Canada like many other countries, there was a sharp rise in corona infections at the turn of the year with the omicron variant. Since then, the number of cases has clearly decreased.

In both Canada and Finland, restrictions were increased as the omicron variant spread and cases of the disease increased. Following the tightening of restrictions in both countries, there was a significant decline in coronary infections.

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As in Finland, a large number of restrictions are being phased out in Canada as the number of infections declines.

For example, in the province of Ontario, the country with the largest population abandon assembly restrictions during March.

A vaccine passport is still in use in Canada, but it makes sense questioned as the coronary situation develops.

Instead, for example, Finland is so far decided abandon the use of the corona passport, as, for example, the Department of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Justice have assessed that its use would no longer be necessary and justified.

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