Coronavirus Trump took the head of the Infectious Diseases Agency in his teeth: An estimate of the vaccine schedule was not valid

U.S. President Donald Trump said the country’s leading infectious disease authority is wrong when a more realistic estimate of the coronavirus vaccine schedule was revealed than the president promises.

The United States president Donald Trump took on the teeth of the director of the U.S. Office of Infectious Diseases (CDC) on Wednesday Robert Redfieldin. According to Trump, Redfield is “perhaps confused”.

The president’s statement is related to the fact that earlier Wednesday, Redfield set out to defend the effectiveness of the use of respirators in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. Redfield estimates that respirators, or masks, could be an even more effective solution than the vaccine under development.

Robert Redfield was consulted by the Senate Subcommittee on measures to combat the coronavirus epidemic and said work on the development of the coronavirus vaccine would take so long that the vaccine could be publicly available in 2021: either late in the second quarter or during the third quarter. This means next year’s summer or fall.

Vaccine development is President Trump’s favorite child.

Robert Redfield is a doctor of medicine specializing in virology and immunology. The CDC he heads is a federal agency, a national institution. To put it simply: the position of the CDC corresponds to the position of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) in Finland.

For example, the CDC and THL are responsible for monitoring and statistics on coronavirus infections and act as health authorities as coronavirus epidemics strive back to normal everyday life.

Robert Redfield, director of the Office of Communicable Diseases CDC, used on Wednesday 16 September. respirator in committee consultation.­

Trump piti on Wednesday at a press conference at the White House. At the event, Trump said he had called Redfield immediately after his assessments.

“I think he made a mistake in answering, he probably didn’t mean it. Maybe he was wrong about the question, ”Trump said. “I think he was confused when he answered.”

According to President Trump, the introduction of the coronavirus vaccine is “a matter of weeks” and the vaccine is set to be widely distributed as soon as it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

According to Reuters, Trump’s enthusiasm shows that progress in vaccine development is linked to the U.S. presidential election in early November.

Several pharmaceutical companies develop and test a vaccine against coronavirus. Some of them have been optimistic about the launch of the vaccine, but no coronary vaccine has so far been shown to be both effective and safe.

During his congressional visit, CDC leader Redfield also said the use of the mask could be as effective a protection against coronavirus infection as a possible vaccine looming in the future. Trump vehemently denied this.

“First, it’s not more effective than the vaccine and I pointed out to him about it,” Trump said at a news conference.

Trump has not been a lover of masks during the coronavirus epidemic. He wore a respirator publicly for the first time only in mid-July.

Robert Redfield commented on Wednesday on a messaging service on Twitter that he is by no means an opponent of the vaccine. According to him, it is the vaccine that is helping the United States return to a normal life.

It’s about mainly out of the ambiguity in what will ever happen. At the committee hearing, Redfield said the vaccine could be made available for testing in small batches as early as November-December. For national distribution, where the U.S. population would gain immunity, the vaccine could precede in six months or about nine months.

During his presidency, Donald Trump has handed down kicks to several senior officials in the White House and the rest of the U.S. administration with whom he is said to have had disagreements.

The president of the CDC director said he still trusted the vaccine disagreement.

In the United States, 1,147 people died of coronavirus-induced covid-19 disease on Wednesday. A total of 196,871 people had died in the United States by Wednesday.


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