Coronavirus To Prime Minister Marin Aamulehti: The government is likely to continue corona subsidies for companies

Prime minister Sanna Marinin (sd), it is very likely that the government will continue to provide corporate subsidies. Marin evaluates the matter To the morning paper.

A continuation of corporate cost support is being prepared and will continue, according to Marin, for as long as the interest rate crisis lasts.

Withdrawal of bankruptcy protection in February, this information does not seem to cause a big wave of bankruptcy, Marin says in an interview with Aamulehti.

It was recently reported that the EU’s stimulus package for Finland may be smaller than expected if Finland survives the pandemic with less damage than other countries.

According to Marin, it is still too early to assess the final amount of the stimulus package. The Prime Minister reminds that Finland has supported tying the amount of corona resuscitation to the effects of the epidemic in each country.


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