Coronavirus THL’s Salminen: If the infections brought by race tourists are not limited to related parties, there will be a tightening of restrictions – “Then no brackets made for shape will suffice”

According to THL’s Salminen, possible restrictions on restrictive measures will affect, for example, bars and terraces. He stresses that European Championship tourists must now comply with quarantine regulations.

29.6. 19:40

Football The corona infections brought to Finland from St. Petersburg by European Championship tourists have raised concerns about a new outbreak of the epidemic.

By Tuesday morning, a total of 222 infections had been diagnosed among tourists returning from Russia in the municipalities of the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus) alone. In addition, 783 people have been quarantined.

Director of the Department of Health and Welfare (THL) Mika Salminen emphasizes that the infections currently increasing the number of infections in Finland are mainly from St. Petersburg. Therefore, they only reflect the disease situation in St. Petersburg, not yet in Finland.

“A and o here is now whether the infections brought from St. Petersburg cause a lot of further infections, and especially whether they cause extensive chains of infection in the immediate vicinity of the infected. That would be a problem, ”says Salminen.

According to Salminen, the impact of infections brought by race tourists will be small if each case brought from St. Petersburg remains only isolated or causes only a few further infections that are brought under control by quarantine.

If According to Salminen, the chains of infection cannot be traced or are long, we will soon have to return to the familiar means of restraint.

“I will say straightforwardly that then, no shackles made for the sake of form will suffice, but we must directly address what is the biggest risk of all. And when it comes to young adults, it does hit the nightlife, ”says Salminen.

This would at least mean closing the bars.

“And probably it would also mean, sadly, that you could not sit on the terrace as you do now. I hope you don’t have to go there now. ”

Mika Salminen, Director of THL, in the corona situation report of THL and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Helsinki on 17 June 2021.

Salminen emphasizes that tourists returning to Finland must now strictly follow the recommendations and regulations on quarantine. Only in this way will it be possible to prevent restrictions from being tightened.

For Salmis, especially defying the quarantines imposed by the authorities is “stupid”.

“It itself suffers if society has to be shut down again. It’s not nice for anyone. ”

Salminen emphasizes that in this situation, it is especially important to go for a corona test at a low threshold. It is also good to apply for the test asymptomatic if you have spent time with someone who has been a race tourist in St. Petersburg.

Should citizens to be more concerned about the situation than usual?

Salminen admits that the infections brought from St. Petersburg have increased the risk of the epidemic growing.

“Now we have to try to trust our fellow citizens. I don’t think anyone who went to watch football meant going to get infected in St. Petersburg. ”

According to him, the tourists had a bit of bad luck, as the infection situation in Russia worsened just when they were there. Post-wisdom is easy, but according to Salminen, the cases were found because border measures existed.

“That’s what we’re constantly striving for.”

According to Salminen, St. Petersburg’s clusters of infection are a good reminder that a country struggling with a difficult disease situation should not “leave on condition”.

“But it has also been sad to hear that football supporters have even received death threats. That is not acceptable. This is what happened here, and this must now be overcome. The means have been very familiar for almost a year and a half. ”

Although Infections brought from the European Championships would increase Finland’s infection rates, according to Salminen, the epidemic will follow its natural course. It comes again in the fall, is most active in the winter and calms down for the summer. Salminen does not find it meaningful to talk about the fourth wave.

Due to the natural course, the only way out of the epidemic are vaccinations.

“Vaccinations can prevent the autumn wave from becoming so severe and great. Of course, the number of cases may increase, but if we have the majority of the population protected from the serious effects of the disease, the condition of the disease will change quite a lot, ”says Salminen.

Salminen emphasizes that there is no worldview in which the coronavirus disease has disappeared by itself at the end of the summer.

“Such a disease is very difficult to eradicate, and it will go on with humanity virtually forever,” Salminen says, recalling that only a few viral diseases have been completely eradicated from the world.




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